Healing the Land

Some places need healing

The planet as a whole, and all the various forms and systems that comprise it, have certain needs, some of which can only be served by man. The complex eco-systems of organisms, habitats, elements, and the exchanges which occur between these have mostly evolved over a long period of time, so they have an intelligence about working together and surviving that usually surpasses man’s attempts to understand. We need to respect and protect these complex systems, which are sometimes fragile and delicately balanced. Because we, as human beings, have such dramatic effects upon these eco-systems, due to our population, our powers to dominate and our childish behavior of waste and greed, we also must be responsible for overseeing that these ecologies are continually sustained, alive and working. Therefore; much of our work is maintenance and protection.

Another part of our work is with healing, either on the physical level or the subtle vibrational level. Physical healing of particular life forms or of whole systems of life is very needed, especially because of man’s previous mistakes and abuses of the land and it’s resources. Whenever we take or make use from the natural resources we must also be responsible to re-establish these or at least to insure their long-term sustainability. Areas which have been over-used or over-abused need a re-supply of new energy and life. They require some form of re-establishment or reclamation.

Many areas of land also need some healing on the subtle energy level. Subtle energies, of differing qualities, flow through and accumulate in certain area. These affect us emotionally and even physically, though most often we are unconscious of these influences. The pure nature of these energies can be distorted by wrongful action on the land, and they can turn against us instead of feeding us as they are intended to do. Their free flowingness of movement can get blocked or reversed, due to the misplacement of our buildings, roads and created structures.

Some areas of land have been psychically abused by our violent emotions and actions, and the land remembers every action and feeling upon it. Many special sacred areas on the planet, which have a special purpose for our well-being and our future, have been abused or built upon, which creates much harm to those involved as well as the whole planet. There are some ways to heal these errors, which the geomancer studies and practices.

Human-caused negative areas

Humans create negative areas by inappropriate or disrespectful uses of the land. Unfortunately, previously sacred areas can reverse themselves, becoming negative vortexes when humans harm or destroy the eco-system or the subtle energy fields, through activities disrespectful to the earth. Mis-placed constructions and violent actions taken upon other people are most often the cause of human created reverse spirals. Use of electrical equipment at power spots can cause strange effects and can even reverse what had been a positive vortex. Another cause of negative energy on the land, besides inappropriate or disrespectful use, is from an occurrence of physical or emotional violence at this area.

The land and the sacred energies, flowing like blood through it, can be traumatically shocked, as can occur with all life forms, due to sudden ecological destruction, improper constructions, or violent intentions and actions at the site. These shocks to the eco-system and subtle energies, or emotional pain from violence, registers within the psychology of the land, and is held there until redeemed. These human caused traumas can be called, “negative memory vortexes,” because they are created from negatively traumatic memory patterns held in the land. Some of these harms to the land can be healed and re-reversed with proper knowledge, using various methods.

We must remember that our actions on the land always have some effect through time and across the space of our planet. Everything is registered in the land to some degree, not only affecting the immediate area, but extending throughout the planet. The earth is alive and pervaded by mind and memory. It is adaptable and self-healing, but nonetheless can be hurt from shock or continual abuse.

Negative memory spirals can develop over time from continuous abuse and thought-fields of selfish attitudes, etc. Continuous thought and activity of a harmful or inharmonious sort will cause a em field and pattern of that kind, which will grow into the land, eventually causing many areas to reverse themselves and possibly some catastrophes sooner or latter, like earthquakes relieving slow, built-up tension.

Reverse spirals are also created from blockages of the subtle energy flow (ley lines ) on the land. If the ley meets obstructions which it cannot go through or bounce over, it will back up on itself and cause a negative, reverse spiral in that area. Obstructions are caused by misplaced or wrongly oriented buildings, walls, roads, electrical and mechanical equipment, sheet metal, and trash piles, to name the most common ones.

Improper constructions on the land hold a negative memory point in place and can continue to increase the harm and intensify the negativity over many years, but sometimes it is possible to still heal the negative pattern without actually moving or erasing the structure. Of course some places are too badly damaged to heal quickly, but something good can always be done and complete healing may be possible given enough time.

The required healing in these areas is mostly change of habit and some re-balancing of the energies. Planting new vegetation, trees and flowers can also help, or any action to help create positive order and beauty. The keys are to help heal any wrong done to the land, to renew the land, and to help bring in positive energies. It is possible to renew, rehabilitate, revitalize, harmonize and heal the land, by re-establishing a flourishing eco-system, giving love back to the land and using certain healing methods to erase the painful memory pattern.

Healing harm & re-creating wellness

Many areas of land on the planet are in need of some healing, because of harm done at that area or even around in the surroundings. Harm can be done to the environment in many ways and to varying degrees, and this influences how subtle energies affect us, physically and psychologically. Yet, we need permission to do healing work. We can’t just sneak over to a negative influence, if this is on someone else's land, without their permission, even though it affects us. But, we can do things to protect our own land, or at where we are permitted to work in, to heal any negative influences there.

The first and simplest thing is to clean-up un-necessary disorder. Trash or un-used bits of things here and there, scattered around or piled up haphazardly, can cause a disordering and scattering of subtle energy, and can even create a negative vortex at that spot and block ley lines. When we clean-up areas and give a defined sense of order to what is on the land, the sacred energies can more easily flow through and organize themselves with greater stability of actualization.

We may need to re-place things or defined area of use to make the order of our land-use more in harmony with the energies that be. Sometimes the land is way out of balance with incorrectly placed or proportioned structures, which can cause imbalance and distortion of subtle energies. It is impractical and often impossible to re-do a whole land-use design once it has been established, but we can help to re-establish energy flows and overall balance on the land.

If the land is weighed down with too much of something in one place, we might counter-balance this with something else of an opposite kind in another area to create a better balance and proportion of energies and qualities. We might see how we can bring a better balance of yin/ yang or masculine/ feminine to the land; thus healing with polarity balance. In general, the creation of beautiful form and pattern, as well as conscientious, responsible use of the land and TLC in our work, promotes healing energies to come into and out of the land. When the land is able to express its potentials and sing, then there is healing. When the earth is recognized with gratitude for being our sustainer and healer, then she will sing healing songs to us.

Our creativity on the planet can also be healing. Sometimes our human creativity and activities on the land are harmful to the local environment and even to the world. But human creativity, design and activity can be in harmony with land and earth, can be nurturing, can be enhancing to the natural beauty, and can even be healing. Thus, creative transformations can be healing, as well as useful. Artistic and functional building can be of benefit to the subtle energies and beauty of an area, if they are placed correctly and harmoniously with the surrounding environment.

So, we can design and transform our environment to best serve our human interests and the overall eco-system. This is the real healing art of geomancy design, which can serve both human interests and eco-needs. Sometimes it is difficult to find this win-win, and of course there is always a possibility for man to make harm in the natural environment, but geomancy looks for this win-win.

What exactly is healing and beauty-enhancing cannot be simply stated. There are general guiding principles, yet no exact formulas. It's an art, guided by sensitivity to the land and its current beauty, and guided by a pure sincere intention to enhance or heal what is present. Further principles are suggested in various parts of this teaching. The planetary destiny is an evolving narrative of new creativity and transformation, and human beings are the leading players. Hopefully, we will learn to create beauty, love and harmonious order.

Special techniques

Sometimes, places on the land hold painful memories, which cause grief, stress and depression in the emotional psychology of the land. A negative vortex will manifest at these places or nearby. We can heal these areas through work on them in some way, and re-reverse the vortex. One needs to enter this place with the purest of motive to help, and work with gentleness and lots of TLC, along with firm strength. One basic way to heal this place is to work the land to re-vitalize it with abundant and beautiful growth of vegetation or landscaping, which establish a new and higher vibrational pattern there. Another possibility is to place a symbolic marker or monument to resonate healing energies.

A simple technique, though not easy to master, is to create a specific healing pattern on paper, wood, metal, or with potentized rocks or stones (brought in from another area), placed on the site to be healed, or make this pattern right on the land. At some point in time when the healing has fully completed, this pattern would be removed and the area used in some way or left alone.

There is also a technique of acupuncture, which uses metal rods pounded with force into the ground at the very center of the negative vortex or in a pattern around it. It is best to use iron rods with copper heads, approximately 1/2” diameter and 18” long, the copper end going into the ground first, and pounded in with 18 blows, with firm intention and concentration. At some point in time the rods may need to be removed, after the new 'em' field has completely stabilized. This technique is very powerful and useful at especially negative spots. It pinpoints the exact area of pain, gives recognition to it, and vibrates the land with its pounding and penetration. It should be noted, though, that only someone experienced in this should attempt it, because the rods must be placed with a high degree of accuracy, sensitivity, authority, and with conscious loving intention.

In working with any of these techniques, the painful memories and emotions held within the land will come out in even greater force at first, as they are released in recognition. We do not want to be blown away by this, so to speak, or allow them to attach to us or be sympathetically effected by them. We can safely sense what is being released, and give our conscious, loving recognition to this, but not be sentimental about it. Just allow it all to pass by impartially and without judgment or reaction. Some aspects at these areas do not want to change or be healed, and they can put up a good fight, screaming and kicking out of fear. So the practitioner needs to be clean, strongly determined and constantly alert with care. Cleanliness of body, mind and emotions is very important, so that negative energies do not attach themselves to us, and we should always clean well after any healing work. The choice of what technique to use, as well as how and where this is to be accomplished, should be well visualized and agreed upon before beginning any actual physical work.

In any healing work it is most important to remember to find and tap into the source of healing, and not just try to deal with the problems themselves. The ultimate Source of all healing is the power and consciousness of Love, which manifests through our compassion and commitment to help, and can be found within the living energy of the earth itself.

Another form of harm and negative influence on the land is due to power sites that have been reversed. When special power sites are built upon or used improperly, they can reverse to a negative vortex. This can cause much harm far and wide. Healing this can be most difficult, indeed, and require a lot of work, using the principles and techniques already discussed.

Another kind of problem is the blockage of ley line flow, often causing a negative vortex. Here, the flow of energy backs up on itself, causing a reverse spiral and negative influence at that area. We have here a combination of problems: an area being deprived of the flow, the overall ley line pattern being disconnected or broken, and a negative vortex influencing the area. The best way to deal with this is to work on the place where it is being blocked, but if that place is on someone’s land and we haven’t permission to work there, then we need to work at drawing the ley line around the block and onto our land.

But let us now consider how to work on the area of the actual block. First discover what is causing it. The most usual causes are incorrectly placed structures, ridiculously idiotic architecture, chaotically dumped debris, trashed autos or machinery. Electrical power lines, and all sorts of abusive activity to the land. It’s impossible to be real specific as to what things will actually block the subtle energy flow, because it depends upon the power of the ley line to pass by and the overall circumstances on the land, so one needs to study each situation uniquely.

The first choice of action would be to remove whatever is causing the block, either place it somewhere else, re-order it or just get rid of it, and re-open the flow. If this is not possible, then we have some other means available. One is to heal that place or structure, using pattern or acupuncture techniques, thus allowing the flow to pass through. Another possibility is to build a balancing structure or landscape in front of the directional energy flow, which will anchor the ley line before it meets the block and help move the energy through more easily. The third possibility is to bend the ley line around the offense, or split it into two lines passing on both sides and merging again past it. In this way the ley line by-passes the offense without even trying to pass through. To accomplish this one uses techniques for anchoring, reflecting and re-concentrating energies.

Healing land is like bodywork

The planet is a living being, with mind and body. We can understand this mind/body of the planet by using the analogies we know from studying ourselves, because the same basic principles apply in promoting health and healing. We study everything as a system of relationships within the greater whole, and try to work with the land in a holistic manner.

Our body is properly maintained and can be healed through taking in and assimilating needed nutrients. The planetary system also requires nutrients or different substances, and these must be transformed and digested, which occurs throughout the eco-system. Life-forms on the earth flourish due to good conditions for growth, and of course lots of exercise. Our body needs a strong and integrated structure, our bones and muscles need to be in their proper places, and work together for ease and grace of movement. Our spine and posture needs to be properly aligned, to move in harmony with gravity and the various situations we encounter.

Likewise, on the planet our structures need to be properly aligned and in relationship with energies and natural structures of the surrounding land. The structures and patterns we create need to be in integral relationship with the natural realities and laws of this world. Like our bodies, there is a right place for anything. We can help the movement of energies be easy, freer and graceful with correct placement and patterning of structures. Incorrect, habitual postures taken in the world can be healed through a re-patterning of how we creatively move in life.

Our body energy needs to be fully alive and strong for well-being. It needs to be flowing and in polarity balance. If there are blockages of this energy flow, or under-stimulated or over-stimulated areas, then our system works with imbalance or impotency. The energies of the land also need to be freely flowing and in balance. Certain flows on the land are often blocked due to structural mis-alignment or memory trauma, and these can usually be healed in some way. We might need to stimulate or relax certain energies, depending on what is imbalanced. The polarity of yin/yang or the relationships of qualities and elements may need some balancing.

Healing our bodies often require some hands-on work, massage and movement of energies. In body-work healing, one may give vital, healing energy. One might massage sore, depressed or over-used muscles, loosening and relaxing strain or holding patterns, and repressed feelings and hurts held within the body muscles may come out to be healed. Through massage, acupressure, shaking, vibration or deep breathing, one can work the body energies and fluids through blocked areas.

In geomancy, we work to help free movement, release, vibrate, exercise and balance energies. We unblock areas to open up the flow, and heal unnecessary strain or pain. We help bring forth hidden potentials, and strengthen the ecological “muscles” and energy centres. We work to align structures with correct “postural” pattern and placement to better serve the overall working order of the environment.

Analogies between geomantically healing the land and healing bodies is a potentially vast topic. This was merely a hint at what others will see further into.

Principles of healing work

All healing or helpful work, as well as any new creative design, must first begin with respect for the nature that is already present. Respect and cooperation are the foundation of geomancy and healing. True healing is a re-connection or integration of things within the Whole. It is re-establishing relationship with the Whole, including all the parts within it. It is cooperating with the integrated growth of the Whole, helping to build harmonious threads of relationship for stronger unity. Within the Whole and for the Whole, we can be creators of health, harmony and beauty.

The next principle is recognition and acceptance of the reality at hand, the reality of the land or of the place. Next, one needs to distinguish between what can be changed and what cannot be changed. It is useful to first understand what cannot be changed. The patterns and energies of the surrounding land are probably not open to change, and also at any particular area of land are features, circumstances, and ecological conditions that are not presently changeable. So we must begin from this acceptance. Only then should we proceed to consider what could be changed -- in structure, design, use, and also with the subtle energies.

Moreover, one needs to see and understand the greater interconnected Whole of which any particular area is a part. In other words, the greater surrounding area of energies and circumstances must be known and respected. Then two basic questions can be considered. One is a question of how to best work in harmony with the surrounding Wholeness, but also one might question what is possible to change or effect in this surrounding area.

Our interactions and relationships between each other and the natural world can be mutually growing and beneficial. The awakening of new potentials within us and on the earth can unfold into expression, serving the life around, and giving new understanding and meaning to our lives. The unfoldment of consciousness, love and will shall bring new creative energies into play and new ways of being creative. The gradual transformation of ourselves will effect transformation of our world, and an evolving world will affect transformation in ourselves.

Another aspect of geomancy healing work involves our love of the land we walk upon and the lives of nature we encounter. When we love the land, the land sings in love. When we recognize the beauty of an area, the natural beauty of that area actually increases in its intensity and in its healing effect. When we love and enjoy living in a place, the joy of that place increases; the love and joy energy is stored in the land, then positively radiates naturally to everyone who enters there. Thus, we help to create the energy-quality of a place, or an environment, by the quality of our emotional presence.

The key in all of this is to emotionally, lovingly and joyfully engage with the land, interact with the land, and to positively invoke the best qualities inherent in the land – energy-qualities inherent in this area, yet awaiting recognition and conscious love. So, by our conscious recognition and love, we can awaken the inherent spirit and qualities within an area. We can help bring into actualization the inherent spirituality of a place, through our heart and consciousness. This is part of the spiritual evolution of our planet.

The healing power of pure consciousness

A very important service we can do for the land is using our consciousness to help clear away non-useful or negative energies. There are two main ways to do this. One is through conscious visualization of pure white, or fiery light, clearing away all negative and un-useful energies. In this way we use the power of consciousness, which is light in itself, and the power of visualization to qualify and direct the energy. This is a meditational practice of dissipating and clearing old energy forms, which sometimes hang around an area like old thought-forms hanging around us.

The other way of using consciousness to clear away old energies is by pure consciousness meditation. This is really the best way to begin. The practice is to sit quietly in the natural area, preferably in a place that we feel is more special or perhaps central to the area of our intention. We begin with relaxation and allowing our thoughts and emotions to subside into a calm lake of peace as can be visualized deep within us. We do this with conscious breath, practicing the Earth Mother breath, which is to consciously breathe in and out in harmonious, rhythmic balance. Let the breath flow in and out with harmonious ease, in a balanced rhythm, similar to how gentle waves come in and out upon the shore, with a moment pause between each out breath and in breath. Try this and you will know what it is.

Then, while this balanced conscious breath is flowing in and out, we make a conscious connection and attunement with the Mother Earth below us, and we begin to feel this earth balanced rhythm, which some describe as our Mother's heartbeat. So in breath and in feeling, we come into rapport and in tune with the natural rhythm of our beloved Earth below us. We can let ourselves fall into this greater rhythm of being and feel the harmonious peace and balance of this. In this way we come into balance with the greater Earth Mother, and we also come into peace within ourselves.

Now one of the secrets in this is to truly let go of our chattering thoughts and unsettled emotions, so that we can enter into a deep peace in our own being and feel in harmony with natural life. So let go and surrender what is not needed at this time -- all those chattering thoughts and unsettled emotions that are not needed at this moment. If we want them back, then they'll come back some other time, or perhaps they aren't all too important anyways, in which case we can say goodbye to them as we let them go.

This practice is, in effect, important for our own psychic and emotional healing, as well as being central to developing a clear mind able to meditate in the absolute peace of pure being. Yet this also have a profound positive effect on the land and in the natural area of the practice, because of the law of resonance. So when we finally arrive in a pure state of mental and emotional peace, with a purified and clear mind/heart, then this resonates outward into the natural world around us. Particularly, it effectively clears away and purifies the space we are in, because of our own purified consciousness inclusively resonating in all that is around. This is even registered in the the memory of the land, so it holds even after we leave.

We can also understand this kind of meditation as pure 'conscious being', or as pure 'being-consciousness', which is purifying to the land and space we are in. Conscious being is intimately connected with breath, because breath carries the life and power of consciousness. Without conscious breath, we are somewhat asleep. Consciousness requires breath to truly live. It cannot really exist in manifestation without some form of breath. Breath gives life to consciousness. Breath sustains it, carries it, and radiates it. So, conscious breath is the key, the doorway to consciousness. It activates consciousness, and gives it life in this world.