Power Points & Ley Lines

Subtle sacred energies

Power points and ley lines are the main points and flow of subtle earth energies moving across the planet. These energies will be called subtle because they are not often noticed by our ordinary senses, though they can be sensed if one develops an energy sensitivity. In other words, most people will not sense these subtle energies, simply because their energy sensitivity is underdeveloped or unactualized. These are not the same as physical-ecological energies; such as physical-kinetic energies, thermal energies, or biological energies. There are effectual relationships between physical-ecological energies and the subtle earth energies, but they are not of the same kind.

We can call these earth energies because they circulate in, around and across the earth; and when sensed they feel to be fundamentally vital to the earth. These earth energies feed us in a very vital way, and they also affect us both physically and psychologically. If this is not consciously noticed, the effects nonetheless happen yet subconsciously. So if there is natural unimpeded flow, these energies will nurture our physical and psychological health; but if there are man-made obstructions or disturbances, then unfavorable effects will follow. Thus, there is a fundamental need to protect the natural energy flows and to be in harmony with them, rather than do things that obstruct or harm them, because all of this is related to our very own human health and well-being. Our lives are on this earth and within its natural energies, so we do not want to harm the nexus in which we live.

This particular geomancy teaching will sometimes refer to the earth energies as sacred, spiritual, or cosmic. Not all geomancy students will necessarily agree with these terms. For some geomancy students and teachers will prefer to just speak in terms of 'earth energies' and avoid the terms sacred, spiritual, or cosmic.

The term 'sacred' is usually agreed to, but some people may think that 'spiritual' has having too much religious connotation or implying too much. While others may object to the term 'cosmic', thinking that this implies too much speculation about what is outside of or entering into our Earth system. It is inevitable that some people will disagree with some things or some terms, so if the reader dislikes a particular term, then simply translate this in more preferable terms or else just ignore what seems to be too speculative. Most geomancy teachings will at least agree that the word sacred is an appropriate name for the earth energies, in the sense of being worthy of special respect and even reverence, and also being fundamentally related to life itself.

Earth Energies

Subtle energies of earth flow along connective lines, ley lines, making a vast connective web all over earth. These are 'subtle' energies, because they are less obvious than physical energies and not usually sensed by most people. They are not often sensed, because most people of modern cultures have not been taught to even take notice of them or be sensitive to them, but rather have been taught to believe that only physical energies exist.

These subtle energies of earth are also known as etheric energies, which are subtle electromagnetic energies, which becomes structured into energy patterns – which then has a formative, patterning and influencing effect on our physical existence and experience. These energies flow upon the earth and accumulate in certain places, in varying degrees. They form vortexes and centers, patterns and relationships, all around the planet. These etheric energies and patterns support the physical ecology and all of life. They structure and influence the health and functioning processes of our whole eco-system.

The subtle energies of the planet all interconnect, thus making a planetary energy grid, web, or energy pattern, which is the planet's intrinsic formative matrix. This interconnected formative energy matrix holds together and stabilizes the all of the many smaller lines of energy, and the whole matrix maintains the planetary etheric harmony. The matrix can be understood as an etheric energy web, which is the interconnected totality of all etheric patterns on earth. It guides the processes of life and organic evolution. The health and functioning of this whole matrix is more important than anyone would even imagine; because these etheric energies affect us all physically, emotionally, and mentally.

Earth energies are usually known as a kind of vital energy or life-giving energy, which has an energizing quality. But earth energies can also be distinguished into three main kinds – energies of consciousness, emotion, and vitality. This means that the land and all life has some degree of consciousness, emotion, and vitality – all these three kinds of energy.

The idea that the land carries consciousness, intelligence, and emotional energies will be new to some people, and some people might reject this belief or consider it as overly speculative. But one can accept the fact of earth energies, in its simplest description, without needing to accept this idea of three kinds of energies (which will be further discussed in a later section). The best attitude is to have an open-mind about new ideas, and then spend some time being sensitive to the energies, before fully accepting or rejecting anything.

Vital energy of course gives us more vitality and vitalizes us with energy; our body feels more energetic and we can even store these vital energies in our body. Consciousness energy in a place gives us more conscious energy; thus we experience more conscious awakeness. And because the consciousness energy also carries and awakens intelligence, and our intelligence also becomes more active.

Emotional energies in a place tend to affect our own emotions, through the fact of energy resonance. There are many different qualities of emotional energy; thus certain areas will tend to evoke particular qualities of emotion. So, on the land and at each particular place will be certain qualities of emotional energy, or a combination of qualities. Fundamentally, though, the energy of love is everywhere in the natural world, as love is the emotional energy essence of nature.

All of these kinds of earth energy form the qualities of our psychological experience. They create psychological qualities in us, and also they help create and influence the feelings and experiences of a place. Culture and each individual person also bring psychological energies and qualities to each place. So these blend together with the earth energy qualities to create the overall psychological quality and effect of place.

Power points

Power points are collectors, containers and distributors of earth energy. They hold more of the earth energies than other places, which is reason for calling these places power points, energy centres or energy vortexes. Most simply, these can be described as special places where the earth energies are more present. The power points also act like energy fountains, radiating the energies outward, along the land in all directions, mostly traveling out along more concentrated lines of energy known as ley lines. In addition, these special places collect cosmic-spiritual energies for the planet, which are then added to the existing earth energies present. This cosmic-spiritual connection might not be accepted by all geomancers, but perhaps nothing is ever completely unanimously believed.

Earth energies are all through the land, and within all living beings as well, pervading the physical nature of earth and all living beings. These energies are stored in physical-earth matter. Rocks and minerals, salt and crystalline structures accumulate more of these energies and then radiate them. Water also collects and stores the earth energies. So over time, certain places and certain energy pathways (ley lines) have actually collected these energies in their physical matter and structure.

Power points can also be called 'planetary acupuncture points', or 'energy-nodes', as part of a larger whole system of inter-connected energies, which relates to the oriental understanding of the body and its energy distribution. The planet is a living body with an intricate system of subtle energies (often called chi, prana or vital energy), and the power points are concentrations of these energies as well as centres of distribution. Thus, there are these power points, or energy centres, in and all around the body of Earth, which then distribute earth-vital energies to the surrounding area. They are, therefore, the nodal points of our planetary energy matrix. So, our respect and what we do in these special areas affects and resonates throughout the whole planetary energy field.

Power points are concentrated places of the earth energies, found all over the planet. But remember that the term 'concentrated' is relative, as is any measure of amount; for it depends on what is being compared. So the power points have varying degrees of concentrated energies, ranging from 'very great' to just above average. Thus, if someone were to say that there are a hundred power places on the planet, these would be the hundred most intense energy places; but still there could be thousands of other power sites, though without so much concentrated energy as some other places. So in truth, there are power sites all over the world, yet some having more energy (or power) than others. Even on any area of land, however large or small, will be at least one special point of more concentrated energies, which we then refer to as the power centre of that particular area of land. There are many possible reasons why certain places have more concentrated energies than others, or why certain places have become special energy centres and energy springs. One major reason is to do with the landscape topography and another reason is the physical composition of rock. Other factors can also be a cause.

Power points are very often found on mountains or hills, but they can also be found in other natural areas, at lakes, in forests, on islands, and even in prairies and deserts. So not all power points are physically high up, though most have some degree of elevation. Yet it is generally true that every mountain or hill top is a natural power point, to some degree, unless it has been messed with. This means that all mountain and hill tops are usually good places for meditation, vision quest, energy renewal, or for special spiritual purposes. Thus, no human buildings ought to placed on these high points; except perhaps a meditational structure, a sitting bench, or some kind of temple structure.

It is all about respect for the sacredness of the place, but in many places we see people placing houses, restaurants, or resorts on sacred mountain tops, which is not respectful and not appropriate, and which causes energy disruptions in the surrounding areas. Of course though, the appropriateness of building might all depend on what people intend to do there, since sometimes a respectful social or music gathering might well be respectful if it doesn’t merely have a selfish or economic purpose. Structures made solely for the purposes of ego, or for money, or for self-pleasure alone, disrupt the earth energies and can also cause troubles for those abiding there and around. In some cases it is alright to build homes near to the top, but not at the very top. A general geomancy principle is to find the most beautiful and peaceful locations for meditation, vision, or vista viewing, but do not build there, unless the structure is humbly respectful of the beauty and energies of that place and its surrounding area.

Energy Vortexes

Power points, also called power sites or energy centres, formulate 'energy vortexes' (which is thus another name for the power sites). A vortex of energy is energy spiraling outward, thus giving to the land around it and those in its area. A vortex is, actually, a combination of vertical and horizontal forces, thus producing an upward and outward spiral, which is very much like a spring or fountain of energy – radiating outward and uplifting those around it. These are always positive energies, with vital and healing qualities, and can also be understood as spiritual energies.

For geomancers and energy-dowsers these positive vortexes spiral in a clockwise direction – that is, if looking down at the land... for remember that the direction of a spiral depends on where it is viewed from, so if one were laying on the ground and looking upwards towards the sky, then a positive spiral would be seen as counter-clockwise. At a positive vortex the energies will be flowing outward and upward, thus bringing good energy and upliftment to those in the area.

However, there are also negative vortex sites, in which the spiral of energy flows in reverse. These places should be avoided, or at least don't stay there too long, because these places take energy back into the earth and thus can deplete the energy of those around it. These negative places can be caused by disrespect or violence upon the land, which can then reverse a positive energy into a negative energy. These places can be healed by methods discussed in another chapter. But there are also natural negative vortexes at places on the planet. These have a natural ecological function, which is to drain away and filter out any inharmonious energies of the area. In these places, called 'energy sinks', the energies spiral down and sink down into the earth, and their function is to be a place of energy-composting.

It is best to not stay long in these reversed-energy areas, because the spiral forces will tend to draw energies out from us. Though it is possible to make use of this by giving away any negative or painful energies, or any energy disharmonies inside us, that we presently feel stuck with, letting these negative energies be released into the energy compost vortex. The earth will then transform these into positive energies, which will then spring back out at the positive energy vortexes. But generally speaking, it is best to simply avoid these negative vortexes. We can just as well release troubled emotions and sickness to the trees or to waters, because trees can transform any negative energies and waters can cleanse and purify our energies.

Ley lines

Power sites are like beacons of energy or springs of energy, from which the energies flow outward along the land, spreading all over and concentrating in more intense lines of flow, called ley lines. These ley lines are like streams of light flowing across the land. They connect with other streams and with power points to form an intricate web of energy across the earth. These streams of energy actually flow all over. They emerge out from the power points, which are like fountains or springs. Yet the spreading out is not usually uniformly the same across the land, but instead concentrates more in certain streams, depending on the physical topographic ley of the land, the geological conditions, and the places it is attracted to.

Imagine the power points as mountains (many power points are on mountains, though not necessarily) and the ley lines as streams of water coming down from the mountains. Cosmic etheric energies rain down onto the mountains, then this water runs down the mountain, covering all parts of the land, but it concentrates more along certain contours or pathways, depending on the ley of the land, thus making distinct streams. These streams then sometimes connect and blend together at places, and where they connect become more concentrated places of energy, sometimes producing a sort of energy-lake due to many streams merging together, which often produces more of a magnetic energy place (see next chapter on kinds of energy).

Now besides ley lines forming from streams of energy radiating out from power points, ley lines also form from energy connectivity between neighboring power points. The most powerful ley lines on the planet connect with other very powerful lines and also with the more powerful Points, all which forms an intricate energy-Web across the planet. Each power point is 'attracted to' other power points, like a magnetic attraction, which thus produces connective 'lines of force' between the power points. These are the major planetary ley lines, sort of like main arteries of energy, forming the interconnected planetary Web.

The connecting attractive electromagnetic force, between major power points, is relatively straight (between the points); however the actual ley lines (flowing on the ground) are continually curving and meandering, in varying degrees, similar to any natural stream of water which flows along topographical contours. Thus, at any specific area on the land itself a ley line will not exactly be measurably straight; for it could meander some, or could curve slightly around something, and generally follow the 'lay of the land'. Yet a more general and overall picture of these major ley lines might see them as near-to-straight connecting lines, in a similar way that an aerial photo from high up would not see the actual meandering nuances of what appears up there as generally straight lines.

This general principle of connecting lines can also be applied to minor lines, or to smaller and ever smaller lines; and thus the planetary web is even more intricate, with ley lines of varying intensities and subtle connections all over the planet. Therefore, most ley lines are the connecting energy lines between the power points around them. So if we envision the planet with thousands of power points, we can also envision connecting lines between them, and thus see how there is a great web of interconnecting energy lines all over the planet.

So in summary, each power point, vortex, or centre is a reservoir or source of earth energies, and also an energy source for connecting ley lines. Ley lines are the radiating flows of earth energy, as coming from power centres and also connecting those centres into a vast and complex energy web, or matrix. So, the power centres are both energy reservoirs and sources of distribution, and this distribution of energy will usually concentrate more in certain 'lines of flow' (ley lines), which most often follow along the ley or contour of the land. The ley lines can be straight but can also be curved, just like the natural contour of land is not necessarily straight. Often we will find a particular ley line descending down a mountain along the high contour of a ridge; these are called dragon lines in feng shui, and they carry especially intense energies.

So, ley lines are energy pathways, coming from some source and direction, ultimately from power points or power centres. Every power centre creates an energy vortex, and thus we may also call these ‘energy vortexes’, radiating energies outward across the land, just as the sun radiates light to the earth. In any given area of land, there are energies coming from the general direction of power vortexes around. As energies move outward from these centres, they tend to concentrate more into certain pathways, depending upon the 'ley of the land', significant features on the land and places of greater receptivity that draw the lines to it. For instance, the energies will be more attracted to other power centres or receptive spots, thus concentrating more into pathways between these points. So the radiating energies from power vortexes are not uniformly distributed around it. They concentrate more into particular flows, moving throughout the planet and forming some kind of general pattern.

The power of a ley line depends on the power of its sources and on the degree of its concentration.

The lines maintain themselves in the land of their flow. The more powerful concentrated lines are the most stable and directionally fixed ley lines. The overall surrounding ley line patterns also help stabilize the particular flow, so that ley lines do not so easily change over time. Natural ‘markers’ or structures along the way can influence the flow and direction of a ley line. These are usually natural, geological or topographic places of distinction, which attract and anchor energies, but they can also be man-made. Subsidiary flows of energy can be somewhat moved or curved by human means and also by natural occurrences such as floods or earthquakes. But generally, major lines are locationally fixed, according to the location of their power sources and destination places.

Ley lines can be re-directed to some extent, but the more powerful the ley line, the harder it is to re-direct or move. For example, if a special sacred structure is built at an appropriate place, with purpose and respect, then this structure can attract the ley energies from a near by power place. This is called connecting and grounding. In this way, it is possible to attract and direct ley energies to a particular place, using the special structure as an attractor and a grounding. This place then becomes its own kind of power centre, whereby the energies flow out from it as well. So even though this is called 'grounding' or 'anchoring', it is not really ending the flow of the energies. The structure creates a nodal point, which acts as a collector, but then also acts as a distributor and enhancer of the energies for the surrounding land.

Generally speaking, energies flow out of and into certain places, and their direction is maintained or altered by significant places and vortexes along the way, which are receiving and transmitting points in their own right. With methods of geomancy, one can help link together certain points and lines, or help anchor these energies in certain areas for specific positive purposes, or even help heal certain places by methods similar to acupuncture.

In general, we should first become sensitive to these lines of earth energy moving along the land and through places. The next principle is to harmonize with these energies, working cooperatively with the existing energies and flows; as for example, building and placing structures in harmony with the existing energies and flows of the land, rather than just being oblivious to these natural energies or in conflict with them. In short, we need energy sensitivity and respect, then also a dedicated effort to harmonize with the energies present before we got there. This is the ecological attitude, which is different from the attitude of 'let's stick our human stuff anywhere we want, no matter what effect it has on nature'. We need to build on or work with the land in an ecological attitude of humility and respect, rather than arrogance and dominance.

But also to realize is that, whatever structures we place on the land and for what purposes we use the land, then become changes in the energy landscape, and even sometimes altering the ley line directions and flows, as well as the energy qualities. For when we first enter into a natural area or landscape, there are real energies flowing in that area and real effects. So the best principle is to harmonize with the energy flows already there, working with the naturally good energies already there.

Yet we can also enhance the good energies and the beauty already present, by how we skillfully and in-harmony place and design structures on the land. Even the energy lines can be strengthened and enhanced in a positive way, by what we do and how we build on the land. So geomancy is not a simplistic-ecological philosophy of never building on the land or never making use of the land – because what we do and what we build, can in fact, be harmonious with the land and can even enhance the earth energies already there. The principle is that when a structure and design are in harmony with the energy flows around it, it strengthens and enhances the energy flow and qualities of that land. It's like adding harmonic notes to an already beautiful piece of music.

The ley lines, or the energy flows, will also sometimes change, depending on where and what structures are built in that area. This too often is the problem with human building and architecture, because no one ever considers the energies and energy-flows on the land and the effects of building in those energy flows, without any sensitivity or respect for the harmony and energy-quality that was already present (before haphazardly building on it). Consequentially, there is often an inharmonious alteration of the energy flow or a degradation of the quality, because so often we design and build on the land without any awareness of the natural energy flows and harmonies. We should remember that all buildings and objects placed on the land have an effect on the energy flows and qualities, which can be positive and harmonious, or not.

Relative strength and measurement

Remember that these subtle earth energies are all over, so every bit of land has at least some of these energy flows moving throughout. If one visualizes any piece of land, there are actually lines of energy coming from all directions, not just a few. Therefore, what we term as ley lines are the more intense concentrations of subtle energy along certain pathways. The term ley line is relative, depending upon its size and intensity, in relation to the other lines in the area. Some areas might have many strong lines of energies moving through it, while other areas might have just a few or many weaker ones. So when one senses a ley line on a given piece of land, this line is probably one of the major lines in that area, yet might be considered very weak or unimportant in a different area with stronger lines. We could measure ley lines on some scale to determine its intensity in relation to other lines. Remember that all measuring is relative to what is stronger or weaker, more or less.

A line might be wide or thin, relative to our scale of measuring and according to where we say it is or isn’t. In other words, the lines are sort of fuzzy and it’s a bit relative to say that the "real" width of the line ends "here", because concentrations are not perfectly distinct and are gradually dispersed along the width. We could sense or measure where the width more suddenly disperses or the concentration "drops off", and call this the width’s end. Where the concentration is most intense, we find the center of the line width, and from here it gradually lessens, though actually one could measure more extreme drops in this "gradual" lessening, because the energies concentrate more into quantums of flow. So we could measure, if useful at all, lines within a line, forming say seven lines, with one being the center, most intense line, having three other gradually dissipating lines on both sides of it.

Ley lines can be very long; again, a relative term depending on where one says it ends. Lines will move along certain pathways, meet up with others along the way, merge into new vortexes and come out again, sometimes shifting or bending to new directions, sometimes splitting into two or more directions, and sometimes getting blocked up or completely dispersed. So, describing a length to a ley line depends on the point of view of where one thinks it began, and it can get as ridiculous as thinking that "my soul is distinctly different from yours". It’s more correct to describe these things in terms of patterns, relationships, inter-connections, blendings, forces and fields; yet it can get all too complex and ambiguous, without some simplicity of description and use of our more common ways of seeing things.

The intensity of a ley line at a particular point of its "length" also depends on the distance from its source, as the concentration gradually dissipates over distance. The energies will be most strong near or at power vortexes. The lines will tend to curve a little with the topography of the land, possibly following ridges, valleys, or water flows, and in fact, they even help to create the topography through their force, but the general line of direction is maintained. In any given area the lines may dance around a bit, especially if they are weaker in concentration, so the actual patterns on the land are often complex and very beautiful too.

Track lines

Paths of travel create lines of subtle etheric energy too. We call these track lines, to distinguish them from ley lines coming out from and connecting energy centres. We could say that track lines are a kind of ley line because they do carry energies, but of course ley lines are not necessarily track lines.

People and animals often travel along certain paths, and this reinforces a certain flow and direction of energy, which anchors itself along the pathway, because we carry and emit through our feet em and other subtle qualities of energy. The more this path is used over time, the greater is the energy and stability of the line. When a strong track line has been created, we tend to follow it more, and thus build it more, etc. The originating cause of the track line, and of continuing influence, is due to ley lines moving over it or closely parallel to it, or underground water streams (also emitting em energy), or the particular ley or flow of the topography, or a combination of these. Ley lines themselves might be drawn to follow these track lines. The track lines are good to follow, and construction of roads or human paths will benefit from following these, because the traveler will be helped along by the subtle energy and even have better moving balance while walking or cycling.

Track lines also are in harmony and balance with the general ley of the land and other subtle energies of that area. Of course, it is possible to create new track lines in a land design for new, specific, human needs, and the success of these will depend on how well it is defined, how much it is used, and how it harmonizes with other subtle lines of energy around. If man-made tracks or roads are built, considering the natural ley of the land and the surrounding ley lines, as well as the specific directional need of getting somewhere, then the safety and health of the traveler will be enhanced.

Track lines can also be set-up or enhanced by markers or monuments, which create flowing energy between them. This practice was often used in ancient times to help lead, protect and vitalize the traveler. The geomancy principle of this is quite simple, like drawing a line between points. The two points create an energy field and a directional flow between them. If the need for travel is long, markers along the way will help maintain and resonate a stronger track line. These markers help the energies stay on path, so to speak, and stimulate the energy flow, like acupuncture needles.

This correct placement of markers or small monuments, using natural materials such as stone or metals or even trees, is the basic method of defining, directing, stimulating and resonating energy flow, whether it be track lines or ley lines. They are best placed near natural vortexes or nodal points within the directional em field. Certain types of markers, correctly placed, can even create a positive energy vortex, helping the area and linking ley lines together. Remember that vortexes, often created at significant natural features, places of need and at intersections of major ley lines, are both receptive and transmitting points for subtle energies, and lines flow between these. Everything existing on the land, as well as the geology and topography, influences and affects the surrounding energies, flowing and spiraling.

Energy sinks to avoid

As already mentioned, some places are power points, or energy vortexes, or called energy springs. Different names for the same phenomena. Yet some natural places are just the opposite, which we will call 'energy sinks'. Here the energy sinks, as it were, and so does our own energy when staying here. These sinks are natural negative vortexes. They are termed as negative because energies are sinking downward, rather than springing upward, and they tend to sap our vital energy and cause emotional depression. Often they even look like depressed, sinking places on the land, and they sometimes give off a bad smell of rotting material. They are also found at swampy areas, or when underground water streams meet and sink downward, or also found in specific areas of a forest.

These energy sinks are natural, yet not positive in energy for us. But some negative areas have been caused by human activity; in fact, many areas. These are also negative vortexes, but they are not natural to the earth purposes and thus do not really need to be negative. Therefore, our goal in these areas would be to transform or heal the area, so that it may return to being a Positive energy area.

Power points, or energy springs, make a clockwise spiral looking down on them and will attract negative ions; whereas the energy sinks make a counter-clockwise spiral and attract positive ions which deplete our energy. Positive vortex springs will help organize and rejuvenate our physical and mental-emotional bodies for harmony and well-being; whereas the energy sinks will have a dissipating effect on our energies. Therefore, it is best to not stay long in these reversed-energy areas, because the spiral forces will tend to draw energies out from us. So generally, these places are not good to be in and should be left to their own function. They can reverse our energy field and steal our vitality. Possibly harmful energy effects are emitted from these areas, so we should never build there or live in them. Certain kinds of life will live and thrive there, even some kinds of animals, but human beings don't do well in these places.

One can safely visit these places, for the sake of study or interest, but do not stay long. The actual effect that these sinks have on one’s being depends on how intense they are and how strong and healthy one is. It is possible to be in these negative areas for a time without being adversely affected, if one is conscious enough and knows how to protect or shield oneself properly, but no one should stay too long. Though if careful one could make use of these areas to discharge negative energies by giving away any negative or painful energies that we feel stuck with, letting these be taken away from us and sent into the energy compost, then let the earth transform these.

The natural purpose of these energy sinks is to accumulate and digest lower grade energies of the planet, any disharmonious energies, and energies that are not useful anymore. Even negative thoughts and emotions are attracted to and accumulated in these centers. It is not that these places are bad or evil; it is just that they have their own purpose to serve in the greater eco-scheme of things. So we should be setting aside these energy-sink places in a preserve and certainly avoid building there. The goal would not be to eliminate these kinds of places, but rather to simply let them be and do as they do. Other kinds of life, such as trees and shrubs and many kinds of animals, are just fine in these areas, so they could become natural preserves to be just left alone.

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