Geomancy Work

Geomancy work in homes & buildings

Geomancy in practical relation to a home or dwelling is a large study in its own right. Unlike some teachings of feng shui, western geomancy avoids any specific prescriptions, but instead teaches general principles to follow in order to best harmonize with the natural subtle energies of the earth. Once these principles are understood, the practitioner or homeowner can make specific decisions in alignment with these principles. Trying to uniformly mimic one kind of prescription for all cases is silly, but it is wise to follow general principles.

First, realize that every dwelling or building is in the midst of a surrounding natural world and the energies there of. No matter where one is, one is surrounded by a world and its energies. More locally, this surrounding world of energies might simply be urban or mostly human-made. Geomancy must take into account these urban and man-made surrounding energies; but even every metropolitan area is surrounded at some point by the natural world, and thus one can bring in positive natural energies from beyond the city one is in.

At every place there are surrounding natural etheric energies flowing into and entering into the place. No place is an isolated island. Be aware of the kind and quality of energy coming in, and from what direction. If positive and desired, then make its pathway (into where it is needed) unobstructed and received in some way. Objects with symbolic or spiritual significance, or also special geometric patterns, can help attract and anchor positive energies and qualities from the natural world.

Mostly focus attention on the positive, and help to bring the most positive energies into one's home, business, and life. This requires being sensitive to where this positive energy is coming from, then make changes in the receiving place in order to improve the pathway for this energy. Positive energies give us vital energy, health, mental ability, and emotional harmony. So one could simply feel or sense the incoming energies surrounding one's place, in order to discover the those positive energies and where they are coming from, or use an energy dowsing tool.

First focus inquiry on the most positive energies, in order to promote and receive these; then take some time to sense for any negative energies – those influences which tend to produce the opposite of positive qualities. Be cautiously aware of energy depletion and energy loss, or any loss of mental abilities, or any places that bring emotional disturbance. Such places could be caused by what has been created there, or also caused by past memories, or else there could be negative energies coming in from surroundings. Nature in itself does not bring these negative or disturbing energies. Rather, they come from human causes, or from man-created places emitting negative energies.

When negative, unwanted energies are discovered as coming from some place or direction, then one can either make a protection, divert the energies, or else transform them. Symbolic objects or patterns can be used to protect or transform negatives, but one will have to use intuition about what exactly to use. Protections and diversions can be accomplished by appropriately placing some kind of shiny, reflective material; using the principle of reflection, one can figure out how to do this, but then be careful where something is reflected to, in regards to neighbors. A useful method is to divert these energies to an appropriate composting area. One can set up a compost site to divert all negativity; then let those energies transform in that compost. Generally, no harmful energies need enter or influence a place, because any negative energy can be transformed or diverted in some way.

Land and also buildings can, unfortunately, hold onto negative energies produced by past activities or by a disrespectful consciousness of those who previously lived there or worked there. Both land and buildings can hold memories from the past, including emotional memories and powerful thoughtforms; so if these are negative (such as being violent or unloving), then this could leave its energy debris and thus have negative influences on people living there. All such negativity needs to be cleaned away and eliminated, and past memories held in the land can be transmuted using healing techniques.

Transmuting or healing an area can begin by making a conscious and intentional work to clean the area's energies, by actually cleaning or washing it up and transforming any disorder into a new order. Then perform a ritual with fire to transmute negative thoughtforms lingering in the air or in the space; though be careful to not literally burn the place up.

A fire ritual, for dissolving disharmonious energies or for transmuting painful memories on the land, can consist simply of safely lighting alcohol in salts in a pan, then circling the area with it, or one use a burning sage smudge technique, or even a special candle, or even sanctified water sprinkled around can transform the energies. Most important is that any of this is done with strong intention, a will-to-good, with lots of love and care, and with a high degree of mindfulness and conscious breath.

Land and buildings can also, of course, hold positive memories and energies – as received from their natural surroundings, but also as received from positive human thought, emotion and activity. So in many places there will be an accumulation of positive energies from the past, and the energies people bring to the place now will be added to this, then further enjoyed later on.

Also remember that any object or building placed on the land has its own particular effect on the surrounding area the land. This can be a positive or a negative effect on the land and on the energy flow moving through that area. Some things are more positive than other things, in terms of effects and flow, and some things can be negative to some extent. Remember that any placement of human architecture on the land in some way changes that local geography and landscape of energies. and thus we as humans are actually adding to the physical features of the local geography and landscape, which then affects the energy flow and quality of its surroundings.

Directions and pathways of energy

Geomancy makes a study of energy directions, pathways, and anchoring. Note that the meaning of 'pathway', in this context, is about an energy path-way, a way for energies to flow; it's not necessarily about an actual physical pathway though sometimes that could help and this could even be somewhat curved.

A basic principle is that orientation and placement, in design or in activity, should be based on where energies are and where energies are coming from. For example, find where a positive energy is entering the home from its geomancy environment, then make this a good place to be, or make it a good place to collect the energies. Or even enhance this energy entering the home by making some kind of energy pathway or even simply have a window facing that direction.

To receive positive energies from a certain direction, as for example from a power mountain or sacred site nearby, the goal is to make an open pathway for this, then anchor this into the building's interior with a designated sacred object, altar, or something else to receive and anchor. If an open pathway is difficult to open-forth, due to closed off walls or other things set in the way, then copper wire or some other conductor could be used to produce a pathway or to help bring energies through or around any obstructions.

Positive, desired energies can also be brought in and anchored outside of a dwelling somewhere special on the land nearby. This 'created centre' and 'transmitter', produced by the appropriate placement of a positive energy anchor, can then function like a local transmitter, whereby a place in the dwelling can now receive from this created energy centre and transmitter. This same centre, correctly placed outside of the home or dwelling, can also function as a negative energy transformer.

In general, be aware of all energy directions and pathways. Note that straight pathways can be useful in receiving positive energies from a particular direction, yet a straight pathway can also be detrimental if it leads to good energy running out and away from the dwelling. In other words, a straight path can efficiently bring in good energy to a place if it is directed towards a power centre; yet if not particularly directed to receive from a power centre, then a straight path from a home could enable an easy leakage of energy. A straight path directed towards a negative or chaotic energy source, as for example a neighboring pile of garbage or a street intersection, is even worse. Thus, one should be more careful about straight paths. Curved paths towards or away from a home are generally safer, and a curved path can also protect against leakage and also divert negative energies.

An important geomancy principle is to bring in what is good, keep it and don't let this positive energy seep away. This is exemplified in the feng shui rule of not having the energy of feet directed out of a bedroom doorway to avoid energy depletion when sleeping. So, containment and storage of the positive is important, while depletion of the positive is not good. In addition, any foreseen negative energies, or concerns, can be either diverted or transformed.

Also, a geomancer can work at bringing different kinds of energy into different kinds of places. For example, using the seven 'planetary energy' distinctions (as introduced in the chapter on 'Kinds of Energies'), it is possible to bring into the bedroom Venus and Jupiter energies, bring into a study-office Saturn and Mercury energies, bring into the kitchen Jupiter and Mercury energies, bring into a living room Venus and Sun energies, bring into actual work areas Mars and Mercury energies, and bring Moon energies into areas designated for rest or quiet meditation. Even better, a new home or building could be designed in accordance with these planetary-energy influences. There is much to still study and learn about the seven qualities of energy and their uses.

We all want harmony, peace and love, especially in our home. The first and most obvious step is to create and maintain beauty and harmony in each room. A room (or place) with beauty and harmony will help create beauty and harmony in the people present there, and also this will attract corresponding harmonious energies from the surrounding energy-geography.

This follows the principle of correspondence and attraction. For example, if a room has order then it will attract energies with harmonious order, rather than attract chaotic energies. If a place is clean, it will attract more purified and refined energies. If made beautiful with flowers or beautiful objects, then this will attract more beautiful energies. In other words, like attracts like. So if clean and healthy energy is wanted, then start by cleaning the place. If beautiful energy is wanted, then start by creating more beauty. If stability of the positive is wanted, then maintain order and avoid chaos. Also remember that symbolism and pattern can also have corresponding-attracting power.

In the home and especially in a bedroom, be aware of how windows, lights, and mirrors are placed. Windows are potential pathways for incoming energies, but also potential outgoing energies. Bring in the best energies possible, given what direction the window is facing and what is out there. Mirrors can be positive or negative. A mirror could help redirect a pathway of energy, thus helping to bring a positive energy to a certain place in the room. Yet a mirror could also bounce positive energies out of the room. Lights can act in a similar way to mirrors, used to redirect or bounce energies.

Objects with edges are also studied in home geomancy, since any kind of points will tend to send energy in that direction. It is pretty hard to avoid having rectangular and edgy things in a home or bedroom, but one can at least be aware of the direction of edges; so that, for instance, edges are not pronouncely directed at one's head/feet/body when sleeping, resting, or eating.

Of course though, in any of this it will be difficult to make everything just perfect. So ultimately, one very important geomancy principle is to not get stressed out about anything, be generally easy-going, and learn to harmoniously self-adjust to any situation – since one cannot change every little thing in one's home or in one's life. Thus, avoid the psychological pitfall of stressing and worrying about every little thing that might not be perfect. Life is a work in progress. Also, any challenge of an imperfect environment will, at least, be an opportunity to develop self-integrity, self-power, and self-detachment.

Energy Flow and Anchoring

We can help the movement and flow of natural energies within and along the land. Our first work is to help protect and sustain the flow that is already there, by building on or using the land in a harmonious way. These flowing and resonating energies can also be enhanced, through a high quality of consciousness, activity and creativity on the land.

One needs to first know the kinds of energy desired for the place and where these are coming from. One must work with the flow at hand, the realities of the surrounding environment. If it is at all possible, it is best to design things in harmony with the flows as they are, because this is the easiest and most efficient way to attract the sacred flows.

Yet, we do have means, sometimes, to re-direct the flow for healing and beneficial purposes. It is possible bring lines of energy together at a place to create a vortex of healing energy, intensifying a certain place for specific accumulation and use, and making this place a centre from which energies move out from. It is also possible to bounce the energies over some constricting obstruction, by way of a tall tree or tall monument of right proportion.

We also can draw these lines of flow into our places of living and activity. This is done by anchoring the energies along a direction that will flow into that place, and anchoring it there. It is possible to re-direct or curve the flow of energy by anchoring something that will attract it. We can use the technique of earth acupuncture to mark and designate a line of direction, using metal or stone or anything that will attract, accumulate and allow the energies to concentrate through, much like a lens.

We can focus energies to a place by making it a focus of attention, using trees, flower gardens, ponds or fountains, monuments, sculptures or sacred buildings. Having some areas of focus can create proportion and balance in the landscape, and help order the subtle energies harmoniously.

Lines of energy-flow can be created by defined borders and paths. For example, rock walls or edges in the landscape create lines of energy and pattern. The shape of our created landscape, using vegetation and structure, helps shape the energy flows and the overall subtle effect on the land.

Certain patterns, right proportioned structures, or built sites of beautiful significance, can also draw and direct the energies. The borders and patterns of a designed landscape can affect the flow and direction too. The main principle involved here is to affect the flow through an overall pattern in the landscape and through attracting receptivity to where one seeks to direct the energies.

One can anchor energies to a site in many ways, such as placement of rocks, stones, or crystals. Sometimes we pound iron rods with copper sleeves (balancing yin/yang metals) into the ground to create a kind of acupuncture effect and resonating impact. Special garden areas, sacred monuments, symbolic or geometric patterns, or defined meditation or recreation areas may be appropriate to the area and create an anchoring. Even buildings and large trees can anchor the energy. We are fixing something onto and into the land to attract, accumulate and resonate, for anchoring flows of energy to that area or bringing out the potential energy at that place. We are fixing life, energy, pattern and sound into the crystalline inner structure of the land. This also accomplishes a grounding of EM at that place, and a stabilization of the overall surrounding em pattern of the area.

Remember that these ley lines are concentrated flows of energy, and all these techniques are for focalizing, intensifying, resonating and concentrating these. We are tapping into the energy flows and energy potentials of the land for human use and benefit, as well as harmoniously blending subtle energies together and evolving the shape of the planetary future. Ultimately, we are anchoring heaven on earth, anchoring life, consciousness and love into our places of custodianship for those who will later walk the earth and the future to come. We must be careful in how we use these techniques and these powers, for there is a hazard for making things worse, without proper sensitivity, knowledge, and questioning permission and real need. The art of geomancy is in how we creatively use these scientific principles, and to what degree of sensitivity and understanding we have developed within.

The energy centre of the land

Geomancy work on a area of land can involve many things. A few important actions especially stand out. One is to discover the major positive energies surrounding the area of land in question, which will be power centres and ley lines, then helping to bring these energies into the land and anchor them for use. Discovering distinctive qualities of energy will also be useful, as in the seven planetary qualities.

Another important discovery is the energy centre of the land. Each area of land will have its particular energy centre. On a larger scale of natural areas around the globe there are special power centres. There are thousands of these all over the earth, though only some very special ones become famously known. Yet also there is a special power centre for each area of land, no matter how small it is. Of course this is not about any major power centre on Earth, but since degrees of energy power is relative, it does not matter how powerful these centres are – for each is a 'centre of power' relative to just that particular piece of land. In other words, it is the energy centre for that area of land, but not necessarily for the larger area of land of which it is a part.

And how big is this area of land with its energy centre? It is as large as one defines it to be. This is most usually dependent on property boundaries, but it could just as well depend on agreed divisions of a communal or community land. So for instance, imagine a five acre property. Somewhere on this property will be the property's energy centre, or one could call it the power centre for that piece of land. This is true no matter how big or small the area is. The energy centre is important, relative to that particular area of land – that 'area' of land defined by its property boundaries or else by some community agreement.

So a geomancer, or really anyone who is willing to practice sensing or dowsing energies, can find the energy centre for a given area of land. One just needs to 'look' for it and sense it; sensing where the greatest power of this land is. That which you seek, you will eventually find; this is a geomancy principle. Another principle is that anyone can dowse or sense energies; it just takes some practice and experimentation.

So now ok, the energy centre is found, the spot is found. Now what? First of all, realize that the very exact spot is not radically important; it is the general area here that is important. So even getting pretty close to the very exact centre is good enough. Next understand that this energy centre can serve a few significant purposes. One is that this can become a place for meditation and energy revitalization, so it is best to preserve at least a small area around the centre for sitting or hanging out, rather than building right here. The exception to this might be if the centre can best be situated in a particular place in the house, business, or dwelling; and sometimes one might find that the energy centre is, in fact, in a particular room or place already having some functional use.

Next, wherever this energy centre is, it is good to place there some kind of special object, or spiritual marker, and also make a special designated area for meditation or rejuvenation. We might create a beautiful, contemplative garden, or a picnic place, or a wheel of stones. We might place a special symbolic or religious monument on this site, or possibly build a place of worship; but taking care to harmonize with the surrounding qualities of the area.

Anything we place there is not only intended to mark the place, but also more importantly to act as an energy transmitter – which is another significant use of the centre. That is, the energy power centre of any piece of land can serve as the focal point of positive energies and transmit these energies to the rest of the land. The special object or structure placed at this site will act as physical transmitter, though a humble circle of stones or even a planted tree could also serve this purpose, or maybe even nothing at all is needed there if there is enough agreement in mind by those who live there; yet at least some kind of special recognition of the centre is needed, even if this is invisible to a casual observer.

So now that the energy centre is known and encouraged to be a transmitter, the dwellings on the land and uses on the land will need to provide a receptive pathway. For instance, a geomancer will start to identify places on the land or in the home where it would be especially good to bring in the best energies of the land from this transmitting centre, and thus one has to consider the pathway and clear away any obstructions. There are other pathways to also consider, such as the energy lines to connect with greater power centres from further away or to receive a certain quality of energy from the surrounding land.

Another use of the energy centre to consider is its potential function as a 'receiving centre' – receiving from power centres and ley lines that exist in the surrounding area of land. The energy centre can receive positive energies and qualities from the greater area surrounding it; thus, becoming a receptive anchor and a kind of storage place for earth energies coming into this land from its natural surroundings. This then is transmitted or radiated out to the rest of the land. So in summary, an energy centre is both a receptor and transmitter of energies, and also potentially a place to be revitalized. To some extent this is true, even if one notices nothing and does nothing. But very little of what is potential will be actualized, unless this is recognized and consciously worked with.

Boundaries and Protection

It is very good to define the boundaries of our land and our responsibility of custodianship, which can be done in both physical and psychic ways. First make a definite agreement to be responsible for this piece of land, to serve it in the best possible way and protect it from harm. The land will then respond to us, to our needs, and feel safe in our hands. Say hello to the land, and commit yourself to this relationship.

There are many possible rituals for defining a land area, protecting it, and also declaring one's responsibility for it. Concentrated intention, verbal invocation, and visualization are three of the main necessary principles in such rituals. A very simple practice for protecting or purifying the land is an intentional visualization of purifying white or blue light filling all areas of the land. Another kind of ritual would be to invoke guardian spirits for protection and for a better flow of natural intelligence on the land.

Here is a simple ritual for defining or for protecting one's land, or also used for blessing the land or the house. The group of participants walk along the boundaries in prayer or in attunement, carrying the elements of fire (candles or torches), water ( a bowl of spring water), air (breath), mineral (rock or stone gathered on the land) and natural life acquired from the area (branches and flowers). Not all of these elements are absolutely needed, but it's very good to use some kind of fire (such as candles) and also some water to sprinkle at times along the boundaries.

Rituals of this sort will have a powerful and beneficial influence on the land, and also they can anchor a sense of responsibility in the participants. There is no perfectly exact way to perform these rituals, so they will vary, depending on cultural, religious, or group beliefs.

Sometimes we need to protect our land from harmful, negative energies. Usually these negative energies are human created distortions of the original natural energy or were created out of wrong use and improper placements of structure. So there might be negative influences along certain directions surrounding an area of land. Yet, we can protect an area of land from such energies or even help heal any negative energies. The most basic and important action to take on the land is to live and create in a way that promotes harmony and healing. Also, every given piece of land having a boundary will also have a potential centre, so if we can strengthen this centre with recognition and purification, then protection and healing can fully anchor itself and spiral out to all parts of the land.

One way to help with protection is to physically anchor something at the corners of your land, and create a line of boundary connecting these corners. Visualization of this boundary can first be used, but physical anchors and boundaries maintain the protection best. A fence, hedge or stone border can be protective, but it is also possible to use a rhythmic placement of stones, shrubs or trees between the corner markers. In extreme cases needing protection, one can lay out thin copper wire along the boundary, either along a fence or along the ground if no other physical bordering is possible, to protect from or divert energy.

Also, once the exact direction is known from whence the unwanted influences are coming, we can even create a special area near that border to accumulate and transform the influence (a place to then leave alone and stay clear of). Or we can at least disperse the most concentrated line of force from this negative influence, so that it doesn’t flow right into our living spaces. A large tree with a patterned border around it, or a small grove of trees or shrubs with a hexagonal pattern can often do the trick. A fair size of shinny metal patterned in a square, propped up to face the negative line of influence can also disperse the energy and protect the land like a shield. The main idea here is to create a kind of energy shield or else a reflector for diverting the energy somewhere else.

Using thought to attract positive energies

It is possible to attract lines to meet together, and anchor these, producing a new positive vortex, to be harnessed for good. Different ley lines can even be attracted to an area because of the particular activity or use there. Like attracts like, so the particular quality of an activity, function or building in a place will attract similar qualities of ley lines. Thought directs energy and agreement anchors it. Ley lines seek receptivity and will flow to where they are needed and used. Purpose attracts them. Agreement receives them. Use defines them. The point of these lines is in their function and use, so they tend to flow to “the point of it all”. We can center these forces on our land, creating a centre that radiates outward and balances the land around. Intersecting lines create the more magnetic areas.

Energy follows thought, and it is anchored by agreement. When people see in a certain way or their line of attention is directed in a certain way, subtle energy and a pathway is set-up. A memory pattern is set-up. The more this is done, the stronger the energy. If people continue to direct their attention and thoughts to a particular feature on the land, say a waterfall for instance, then an energy path is set-up between the place of observation and the observed feature. Or let’s say that a group of people look out from a particular window towards a particular feature in the landscape, and have been doing this every week for years; then, an energy pathway has been set-up and strengthened each time. If certain natural features or human constructions in a landscape are significant enough to continuously draw people’s attention, they will gain ever more energy (making them even more attention drawing), and the main pathway of this attention (depending on where people mostly look from) will also acquire more energy. The energy here we speak of is not usually neutral, but is colored by our thoughts. The kind of thought we give to something determines the particular quality of energy. A group of people might see a place as beautiful, or healing, or peaceful, or stimulating, or evoking some psychological quality such as confidence, devotion, endurance, introspection, etc., or negative thoughts might be given, such as ugliness, danger or hate.

These thought-forms attach to the place, and grow with continued use. In previous times, when individuals thought in more similar ways, when there was greater social and psychological cohesiveness and stronger collective thought patterns, the particular type of thought given manifested more powerfully than today. Certain types of miracles would continually occur, such as sacred waters turning into blood or mountains flaming up at certain defined times, all because of the given thought and belief. Examples of this energy effect occur all the time, even still, though not quite to such extremes. This is not to say that places are solely created from human thoughts, but there is an acquired influence due to thought , belief and agreement.

Sacred areas, as well as any area, and lines along the land will accumulate the thoughts given to it. This principle can be used for good and specific purposes, or it can ignorantly harm an area. In geomancy we sometimes have to help clear an area of its negative thought-forms and memory patterns. We mostly attempt to allow the place and the land to grow in its own destined way, without any thought presumption of our own. We give the land space to manifest its true potentials in time.

We open up more possibilities for good and beauty, and for the custodians of this land to give to it and receive what they need in time. We can share our consciousness, understanding, love and enthusiasm with the land, and help the purest of energies grow onto and within the land.

Possibilities and Potentials

At any place on earth there are existing earth energies which have influencing effects. Each place is interconnected and interactive with its surrounding area. Each place is an energy influence for the areas and places around it. And in turn, each place of energies is affected by the energies of its surrounding area. Also, each place is in continual organic evolution, as is everything to some degree.

Yet, within each particular area or place lies a greater possibility. In other words, every everything and every place only expresses some of its possible potential at any one time, but there subsists in potential many more possibilities. These are potential energies of the place. We could also call this the undifferentiated energy available, because the potential energy of this area of space has yet to define itself into specific form or reality. What we see and experience presently in a place is differentiated energy, or actualized energy with a particular quality, vibration and pattern. Pure, empty space has infinite potential energy and infinite possibility. In fact, each single point in space, throughout the whole universe, has a huge untapped energy potential, which is great secret to realize for it means that a vast energy is potentially available everywhere..

So, undifferentiated potential energy is within all space, all over. It is possible to tap into this undifferentiated energy, to find and bring forth the absolute source energy for new possibilities. How this comes into differentiation or actual expression is dependent upon a reconciliation between the intention involved and the receptivity or place. Each place has already existing qualities and a certain, limited set of needs, which make up the receptivity. The absolute, undifferentiated energy gains more and more intention and definition as it unfolds into physical actualization. Its deepest intention is patterned by the needs of the planetary matrix.

Our sense of choice and power of free will to change things in our life is part of our own undifferentiated potential energy, or the 'as yet to be determined'. We do not live in a completely determined world. It is open in some degree to our choices and our determinations.