Spiritual-Natural Purposes

Planetary and human purposes

The first premises of spiritual geomancy is that this planet is consciously alive and is an intelligent, interconnected system functioning according to natural laws. In addition, our planet has a life-enhancing spiritual purpose. This living, working, complex system of Earth maintains itself and all life with love, power and intelligence. Our Earth provides human life with the potentials to grow and evolve in an exploratory and creative way toward ever-greater realization of self-being and expression of love and beauty. Our planet is alive with consciousness, intelligence, love, and a great spiritual Purpose (Goal) – which involves natural beauty, human creativity, and an overall evolutionary harmony.

The next premises of geomancy are that we, as human beings, have a significant spiritual purpose; though not all human beings realize this. We have the innate potential to understand, not only ourselves but all of life, and to creatively express ourselves in beautiful and loving ways. We are here to consciously appreciate and enjoy life, and to serve the Whole Life. Our human spiritual purpose, which is also recognized as a spiritual purpose of the whole planet, is to create beauty in both the human and natural world, and also to bring a higher love and intelligence into manifestation. It could be said that our purpose is to value creation and create value in creation.

Our planet can serve our needs and our creative evolution, while we can live and create in harmony for the good of the planet. We and the planet, we and all the other parts of nature, have a potential to live together in harmony and in mutual benefit. It is not a case of either us or them. It is not a question of either our needs or nature's needs. Mankind and the natural world must work out a mutual harmony, whereby there is benefit for all lives and for the Planet Itself. We have to work out a new kind of relationship, whereby both the human and non-human systems have a mutually benefiting harmony.

We do not have to feel as intruders or aliens in the natural world. We do not have to feel alienated or separated from being part of the planetary life. And we do not have to feel that our creative urges and powers are evils on the planet. We are significantly important in the Great Purpose of Life. Yet, our human needs and wishes need to be balanced with the needs of other parts of the planet. We ought to be able to serve the needs of this planet and the lives living here, while also serving our own human needs. We are all part of the Great Life, and we all have important purpose in life. Man, animal, plant, and rock all have important roles to play in the creative Beauty called Life.

Human beings have the unique potential for being conscious intelligent organizers, designers, and builders; using the materials and energies of the natural world. We have the potential to take evolution in our own hands and actually guide the evolution on this planet. We have this power, and we will keep on acquiring more of this power. So the big question is how to set limits on the use of our human powers, because it is quite possible to over-use our creative and organizing powers, or actually mis-use our powers, if we are not cautious about our arrogance and our possible lack of wisdom. So as part of this power we have, we also need to develop sensitivity and respect for the rest of nature, then also humility and caution.

Our relationship with the Whole as human beings is unique and plays a very special role. We attempt to fit into this vast physical eco-system like any other life form, though our possibilities of harming it are much greater. Thus, with the development of our understanding and powers, we need to assume a conscious responsibility to receive and give to the rest of life in a way that is sustainable, long-term, and beneficial to our own growth as well as others. With increasing knowledge and power over the other relations of life, we must also take on an increasing responsibility to work and create in an harmoniously way with our environment, and to intelligently manage our affairs and our use of this environment. We must be aware of our obligation for reciprocity in this interconnected world and for the future sustainability and creativity on the planet.

Our relationship with life around us is also unique because we are consciously awakening to ourselves and our inner purpose of being alive as human beings. Yet the understanding of ourselves involves all of life, since within us is all life, all energies, and all qualities. We discover ourselves through love and service and the appreciation of this beautifully interconnected Whole. The awareness and benevolent action of our responsibility, or even our intention to be responsible human beings, is a great key to our growing maturity and completion of who we really are. We develop qualities within that can only come forth through our devoted service and giving to others and the planet as a whole. The great potentials dormant within us will only be revealed through a need or desire to serve the rest of life.

Human purposes

We are natural, we are loved and connected. We have the organic intelligence of life within us. We also have special abilities and purposes that are unique on this planet. Geomancy recognizes our natural connection with all life and our dependency on the natural environment, both physically and psychically. Yet it also recognizes our unique place in the scheme of things, our spiritual purpose and our responsibilities for the future. We are a part of nature, not separate from nature. Yet our unique role in the greater spiritual purpose of life is to lead evolution forward. Our responsibility is to lead life on Earth towards greater harmony-in-diversity, towards greater intelligence and cooperation. Humans are meant to be the leader. But, as with any true leader, the leader needs to be caring, helpful and responsible to the good of the whole, rather than being a leader who is merely taking advantage of everyone else for their own self-benefiting purposes.

Man and woman also have a spiritual purpose to be conscious and understanding of all life. Every living part of nature has some degree of consciousness and intelligent understanding; yet humans have the greatest capacity for consciousness, intelligence and understanding. To be conscious in life is actually a great spiritual purpose in itself. Consider the beauty that is found in the flowers, the trees, the mountains, the shorelines, the birds and animals. There is a discovered beauty in each part of nature, but this requires consciousness and appreciation. Imagine this world full of so much wonder and beauty – yet with no one to consciously appreciate it, or love it. Something very important would then be missing in the very purpose of life.

So because of our higher capacity for consciousness, we are special in nature, but we are not separate from nature. And to say that we are special should not imply that all other parts of nature are not special. Everyone and everything is special in its own way and for its own reason.

Another great spiritual purpose is love. One of the great unique spiritual capacities of a human being is to consciously love, or to consciously experience love. What would be the purpose of life without love? We can also add to this the wonderful capacity to consciously experience beauty and harmony. Then thirdly, we have the special capacity to create new designs and new forms, from our intelligence and our creative imagination.

So all of these human capacities can be encouraged and developed; but they all need to work together. In other words, our capacity to create new designs and forms, out of the given building blocks of nature, is a spiritual purpose, but it needs to be done in harmony with conscious love and with a sensitivity to beauty and harmony. And foremost, any creativity or any transformation of a given natural environment, must only occur with a loving and considerate regard for the nature involved and in harmony with the overall natural world.

All of the natural world around us is inherently within us. We are potentially the synthesis of all life, potentially glorifying all life in our creative manifestations and enjoying all the reflections of our own essential truth and beauty. Man and woman are like the fruit of an orchard, though not to deny the significance of all parts of the whole tree and the process itself. We come from and out of this environment, to eventually reach our own full potential, which is the purpose in the first place. Human beings are unique in that we contemplate

upon significance, purpose and value; so consider the importance of yourself in this. Why else would you be here, if you were not potentially of utmost importance?

Wasting our own human potential is as stupid as wasting our natural environment. We have the potential to be evermore conscious, evermore loving and evermore creative, so how can we waste even a day in our life? This very day, this very moment we have the given opportunity to wake up to ourself and our purpose in being born. Why even step out into the world without an intention to be awake in it and to experience life fully?

Conscious evolution

We are all involved in a larger process of organic evolution. This needs to first be understood and appreciated. But we also have a potential to enter into conscious evolution, which involves our conscious participation in the evolution of our self and of life on Earth. Conscious evolution does not deny organic evolution, nor does is it in opposition. Rather, conscious participatory evolution is a conscious work to help along to bring more of the various parts of life, or world, into finer degrees of cooperation, harmony, and beauty. In other words, one is making conscious and intentional efforts to help move the process of spiritual-natural evolution further along; rather than just unconsciously and passively live life.

We are given the opportunity to be a part of conscious evolution, not just drifting with organic evolution. Conscious evolution is both an evolution of manifestation and an evolution of consciousness. It involves intentional work for the betterment of humanity and the planet, and it involves the work of developing our consciousness of life and Being.

The evolution of consciousness is to make real for ourself the experience of life and Being in it. The conscious evolution of this world is to help and allow the perfection inherent in the world of possibility to be fully manifested all over the planet and release the love and beauty within all beings.

Spiritualizing our world

Spiritualization of the world could be a confusing idea, since one could rightfully say that the world is already 'spiritual' or that 'Spirit' is already pervading and abundant in the natural world. This is absolutely correct. Spirit is in all lives and pervades the whole world, including humanity. Yet one of the purposes of geomancy is for the Spiritual essence of nature to be consciously realized (or actually experienced). Because even though there is Spirit throughout nature and on the land, people need to consciously experience it.

In a similar way, we could rightly say that the natural world is full of beauty; yet perhaps we can more beautify the world. And in addition, unless the beauty of nature is actually experienced, it does not make any real difference in how one lives in the natural world. So having an actual experience of beauty, or of Spirit, will make a real difference. Realization affects outer action. Yet also, realization of the spiritual is, in itself, an important purpose. So, spiritualization means

The spirituality of nature remains hidden – until there is conscious realization or recognition of this spirituality. The spirituality of nature first needs to be recognized, then respected. This recognition is a very important aspect of spiritualization. The glory of life is known to us through our recognition of Spirit manifesting in all different ways and forms.

Recognition of the beauty in nature spiritualizes our world, not only for ourselves, but also for the life we observe in spiritual recognition. This is because all life awaits recognition, appreciation and gratitude, which then awakens the sleeping child of Divinity. We can experience this in nature whenever we consciously recognize the magnificent Divine beauty around us; thereby spiritualizing the world – as Spirit comes into outer evidence through our recognition of it.

In addition, there is much more unfoldment of spirituality that is possible the outer world. That is, there is more Spirit and beauty to be manifested in our world, or more to come forth from potential to actuality. We must use our minds, hearts and creative abilities to bring forth the hidden natural potentials for beauty and harmony, the bringing forth and development of a greater quality of earth energies and beauty.

For example, one might need to clear away the clutter or dross that hides a more subtle potential beauty and obstructs the flow of natural energies. The possible beauty might be cluttered with useless trash, just as one's eye-glasses may be cluttered with too much dirt. Sometimes we need to clean-up an area or give it a more unifying order, so to allow the full potential of divinity to be expressed, then also recognized. Sometimes this work involves healing certain pains or disharmonies in the land; usually due to a previous lack of spiritual recognition and respect for the land, the earth, and nature.

Notice also in the above example how a geomancy work of 'clearing' can actually clear away obstructions to one's recognition of Spirit and beauty. So the seeing-realization of natural positive energies and beauty is made possible by physically clearing away whatever obstructs the natural beauty and positive energies of a land. In other words, as one clears away physical obstructions, more people can then see and feel the natural energies and beauty; and then those experienced people will become positive advocates for preserving and enhancing the natural environment.

In conclusion, this concept of 'spiritualizing the world' is two-fold in meaning. On the one hand, the world is spiritualized through our realization or recognition of the Spirit and beauty already present. Then, as more people recognize the spiritualness already there, they will treat the land with greater respect. So this is a great purpose of realizing the spirituality, the beauty, and quality of energies already present.

Then on the other hand, we need to make special effort and work to help bring forth [from potential] more beauty, harmony and spiritual qualities into the world [into actuality], by way of clearing away obstructions, enhancing or highlighting the already evident positive, or by creating new forms of beauty or creating new pathways of positive energy. This will then make it more possible for people to actually experience or recognize natural energies and beauty. Then these people, by their new recognition, will become part of the positive solution, respecting, protecting, and enhancing the natural world.

The Soul of Earth

We think of the Earth as physical, which it is, but within the physical is the Soul of Earth. This is the consciousness, love, and intelligence of the Earth. It is the actual living being of Earth. This could also be called the 'Spirit of nature'.

The Soul of Earth is working through an evolutionary process – to be realized and actualized. The Soul of Earth holds the matrix of life's potentials and the potentials for how the Earth can be. But these potentials are mostly not yet actualized. As they become actualized, this is called spiritual evolution. It is a 'spiritual' evolution, because it is not simply a process towards diversification and complexity, but is also towards spiritual-aesthethic values such as beauty, harmony, love, and unity.

Mostly we think of the Earth as the natural world on which we live. Yet we are not really separate from this natural world; we just think we are. So the Soul of Earth is also inclusive of all humanity, since humans too are of and from Earth. Humanity can still be distinguished from 'nature' ('the natural world') – in the sense that we can separate ourselves from strictly natural impulses and also use nature for our own human creative goals. Yet nonetheless, we are beings of nature, in that we come from nature. Really, we are not so unnatural. So we should be thinking of ourselves as earth beings, recognizing our interconnections and interrelations with all of nature, all of Earth.

Experiencing unity

We each are inter-connected and inter-related with all of nature and with everyone, and all of these inter-connected relations together form one whole Web of Unity. This Web is a whole Unity, even though every part in it is not necessarily in harmony with the other parts. We are all united in One interconnected and interrelated World, even though not all people realize this. Yet one of our human purposes in life on Earth is to realize our unity with all life, and learn how to be in harmony with all life and in service to all life.

It's possible to have a very profound spiritual experience with the Earth or with nature. The first level of earth-spiritual experience is the feeling and realization that this Earth is sacred, along with all of life. What exactly this means and how this experienced may vary, but it's connected with a sense of the Earth and of life having a larger purpose and of us being a part of something much larger and significant, rather than this planet and nature being just ordinary and mundane.

The second level of earth-spiritual experience is a mystical experience of unity, a feeling and realization of being one with the Earth, or inseparable from the whole life of our planet. This could also be called earth mysticism, or unity consciousness with Earth. This might also be experienced as a unity with the Earth Mother, or as Great Mother. Or this could be a unity experience with the Soul of Earth, or unity with the whole Earth-being in which we live – for we are all living in and part of the same Earth Being. The Earth is one whole living Being, with consciousness, love and intelligence, and we in this and part of it. We are in this one Life. And this Life is in us.

Spiritual natural evolution

Natural science can explain many processes of evolution, but it does not recognize that the Soul-Intelligence of Earth is urging forth this evolution and working to actualize/manifest its intelligence, creative potentials, and potential harmonies. What guides the evolutionary process is the Earth's intelligence, love, and creative will. Yet our Earth-Soul is not directing everything in an exact or determined manner. Instead, the creative process is urged forward towards the values of intelligence, harmony, and beauty.

The Earth-Soul urging and guidance comes from within things, and it is a general urging and guidance, rather than an exact determination of things. There is no precognition in the Soul about what exactly shall come about from the creative evolutionary process, nor is the Soul determining everything that comes about. The Soul of Earth does not have an exact preconceived idea about what to manifest. It does not have an exact blueprint of something and then proceeds to make this happen. The evolutionary process is a creative experiment.

The Earth seeks to create a cornucopia of life beauty, harmony, intelligence and diversity. The Earth Soul's aims are to manifest diversity in harmony, complexity in organization, and love through beauty. These are the aims and directions of our evolutionary process, but these directions are general urgings, rather than exact or specific. Harmony is an aim of Earth, but no exact form of harmony is imposed or determined. Instead, the will-to-harmony is intrinsic in the essence nature of each living being. Thus, all of life essentially seeks integration and harmony with the rest of life. But this will creatively unfold organically, in the process of relationships.

Nature's Will towards harmony

We are all in one interconnected world with interrelated effects. This is the unity of circumstance. It's like sharing a room together; we have to deal with the same circumstances together, along with the same energies and problems. We are all in a unity, in that we're all in the same room, but there might not be cooperation and harmony in this room. So we're in a unity of circumstance, but not yet a unity of harmony. A unity of harmony is like a painting or a song with all its parts harmonious. It's like a landscape with a unity of harmonious elements, producing a perceptive and aesthetic experience of harmonious beauty.

Our spiritual goal, and evolutionary goal, is to create a unity of harmony. In every part of the planet there is potential unity of harmony, which is the matrix of harmonious unity that is possible in each area of land, but we have to recognize this and work with this; otherwise disharmony will remain. The purpose of life on earth is to evolve an evermore co-operative, harmonious and beautiful world – a natural unity of harmony.

We are like musical players, each of us playing a unique instrument, and in playing together in our common band we each feel an inner artistic urge to create a unity of harmony. So this becomes our task – to create harmony together. But this is no easy task, because we have no definite understanding of how to do this, and each player is an amateur, inexperienced in how to harmonize. So, this is all an experimental, learning process. Over time and learning, the orchestra will hopefully develop harmonious unity, but only after the parts develop their abilities to harmonize better together.

So this process of building harmony together is an experiment we all share. There will be principles that we can follow, but no definite recipes for all circumstances. We are in this creative experiment towards creating a wonderful harmony and beauty, and we each have to creatively figure out what to do. This is our creative spiritual task.

A second sort of problem in this building of harmony is that individuals tend to want to play their own kind of tune. Each person, or each group, wants to play it their own way, rather than try to harmonize with others and with the natural world. Many are without consideration for the whole orchestra, the whole world, the whole harmony. Then there are the extreme fanatics, who not only want to play it all their way, but also demand that others play the same tune as they. So these are possible setbacks towards world harmonization.

Nonetheless, the natural process towards Earth harmony continues on, because of the will-to-harmony in all natural beings. If the will-to-harmony is conscious we call it will; if unconscious we call it an urge. This will (or urge) is inherent in each life. It is a force-at-work in the substructure of life. Yet this does not guarantee harmony, because there are other factors at work as well.

The will-to-harmony is an activity of harmonization that is intrinsic in all of nature. In other words, nature is always working towards greater harmony. This is the natural process of harmonization. The Aim of nature is harmony and beauty, along with love and creative intelligence. Any process or work towards these aims can be called spiritual evolution. All of nature is actually heading in this direction, towards these aims, but the process is slow, long and experimental. Humanity is also heading towards these aims, but our process can be intelligently directed if it is intentional and conscious.

Humanity's spiritual evolution towards these aims will have to involve two aspects -- the harmonization of humanity itself and the harmonization between humanity and the rest of nature. Each species of life has to develop its own unique harmonious relationship with the rest of nature, and so humanity is no exception. But with humanity, this relationship to the rest of nature is most crucial, since we have the power to really mess things up. Yet power goes both ways. We have the power to make great disharmony on the planet, or else create great harmony.

Humans have the power to build harmony and beauty in the world with conscious decision. In other words, humans can build harmony and move towards the aim of harmony by conscious decision and work. With our developed mind we can intelligently understand the need for harmony, and with our awakened heart we can feel the wish for harmony. We have these three aspects – intelligence, heart, and will – which can all work together towards the Aim of harmony and beauty, and we can work towards this with purpose.

So in summary, nature (life) has a will-towards-harmony, or an inner unconscious urge towards being in harmony – (Granted though, the need for survival will have precedence). This is why nature as a whole, and all species in relation, keep evolving in harmonious ways over the long-run. This principle in nature is also in human beings, since we too are natural beings. Yet we also have the potential for conscious evolution – which is to be intelligently understanding of and conscious of our deepest aims and values, and then intentionally working towards bringing this into reality.