Respect, Recognition, & Love


First, we need to have respect for the other kingdoms of nature. Unfortunately, humans have acquired a certain arrogance and superiority, in relation to the rest of nature, because of false assumptions about the natural world in their cultural teachings. In some religions and in some thinking, the human being does not even seem to be acknowledged as part of nature but, instead, seen as a sort of unnatural being. Yet, the truth is that we are very much part of nature. We are earthy, natural beings, and the rest of nature are our natural relations.

So, what is respect? It is treating another being with a certain degree of dignity, in the recognition that they too are special, important, and have great potentials to possibly manifest. There is no respect if one has an attitude of being superior or more important than the other being. There is no respect if one has an attitude of manipulating or merely using the other for one's own purposes; without considering and respecting the other's needs and purposes. So, respect is not to just stomp on others or the world. It is not to power-manipulate others or the world. True respect is to consider the importance of others and the importance of their needs, rather than just being concerned about one's own needs and wishes. It really comes down to equality of importance. Treat others as one would want to be treated. This respect.

There are some basic reasons for respecting the natural world. First is that we are not superior to the rest of nature. We human beings are each uniquely special. We each have unique and special gifts, talents, and possibilities. But so too can be said of any other part of nature. We cannot do what rocks do. We cannot do what plants can do, or what trees or flowers can do. We cannot do what various fishes, or spiders, or animals can do. Each being of nature has its own uniquely special gift, talent, and potential. Each being is amazing in its own special way; just as we are. So we are not superior or more important. We are all just equally special. We human beings may have superior powers for destroying things, but this does not make us better or more important.

A second reason for respecting the rest of nature is that each special being of nature gives something to the Whole. In other words, respect is deserved because of what is given to the Whole, to the Interconnected Web of Life. Observe what is given by any part of nature, and this is a reason for respect. Observe what the land gives, what the landscape gives, what the trees and plants give, and what the animals give. We respect something or someone when we realize how much they are giving... to us, to everyone, to the Whole. And this giving is not just about physical things; consider also what is given in beauty.

A third reason for respect is to realize how long this kind of life or this part of nature has been around. Consider the vast time scale of this evolutionary species, especially compared to our human time on Earth. Much of the rest of nature has been a long time, and much longer than the humans have. But even if the details of this are not known, it is nonetheless true that we are all relations on this planet Earth. And we have all grown together within the same world.


After respect is the possibility of Recognition. Respect is the prerequisite for Recognition. So, what is Recognition? We can recognize someone we have met before, or someone we know. So to recognize something is, in some way, to awaken what is already known in us. What do we recognize?

We can recognize the Divine in others or in parts of nature. We can recognize that this part of nature has come from the same Mystical Source as we. It has come from what is called God. If this idea of God does not work well for you, then recognize that every part of this world has come from the same Mystery of Nature. Or, if more inclined toward evolutionary science, one could even think of everything as from the same process of fortunate accidents and adaptations. Either way, we can recognize the general sameness of our Source and process.

As well, we can recognize the unique Beauty in others or in parts of nature. We are each beautiful in our own way. Each part of nature is beautiful in its own way. So we can recognize the Beauty; and this Beauty is a very real quality in things. One has to open to it, in order to really recognize and realize it. Beauty is actually a very special quality of the Divine, which can only be perceived by a higher evolved perception. Human beings have this potential capacity to perceive and recognize the quality of Beauty -- which is often perceived as a kind of joyful Light... giving us great delight.

If we cannot recognize Beauty in another living being, then at least we might recognize its unusual uniqueness, or its special intelligence, or its special unique abilities. That is, we recognize, respect, and appreciate special uniqueness when we encounter it.

Respect and recognition then lead to appreciation. Once we appreciate someone or something, or have admiration for them, then we are hooked... hooked in a good way. What I mean is that once we discover appreciation or admiration for another thing or being, our caring and valuing of them is hooked for good. This is what makes recognition so important, because once we truly recognize one of this qualities -- such as Divinity, Beauty, Remarkable Uniqueness -- or once we have an experience of appreciation or admiration -- our attitude and value-sense of this being is changed for good. We've been hooked by their beauty or uniqueness, or we've hooked into a lasting appreciation-admiration for how this contributes to the Whole of Life.

So, it is all about perception and recognition. It's all about how we view or experience the nature around us. It's all about how our attitude and relationship with these things changes, once we recognize the unique value, importance and divinity of each part of nature encountered. For when we recognize the specialness and positive value of things such as trees or flowers, or special places, and we also realize an appreciation for these, we will naturally want to take care of, protect, and nurture those things or places. Thus, any positive changes in our human behavior - in relation to the natural world - has to start with a new perception, a new recognition, and a realized appreciation. Such are the foundations of a true love relationship.

Because without a recognition and appreciation of nature's Value, as based on personal deep experience of beauty, divinity, special uniqueness, etc; we as humans will not really come into a love relationship with nature, and thus will not make the step over from human arrogance to love-caring.

Ultimately, we need enough people on this planet who realize the profound importance of the natural world - both ecologically and spiritually. The rest of everyone else are simply asleep and need to wake up. This natural world is our home. As well, our spiritual and psychological being is fed by these energies, these experiences in nature, and even by natural beauty itself. So instead of remaining asleep or in the boring routine of society, our hope is that more people living off of the planet will awaken, recognize and realize the very profound energies and values of Nature.

Developing Recognition

Our attitude with any of the forms or kingdoms of nature needs to be with complete love and respect. We respect the essential divinity of all life and the unique character of whoever or whatever we are in contact with. Each is alive with spirit and a personalized unfoldment of the divine intention. Each is part of the Whole and necessary to the divine unfoldment of the planet. Everything is involved with transformation and is in a constant state of change, and we, as human beings can help this transformation evolve toward its divine destiny. This work for transformation involves helping to align and integrate the world toward harmony, and it involves the awakening of love and divinity for every aspect of life.

Our recognition and respect of every form of life awakens the love and divine purpose unconscious within. The experience of being loved and the remembrance of the essential divinity can be awakened through our conscious recognition and divine respect given to those beings and relationships encountered by us. The world and those around us are redeemed and healed to wholeness through our conscious, loving recognition. We see the world come alive with divine beauty whenever we are in recognition of it.

Much of the needed work involving the planet is in recognition and appreciation. The planet needs love just like we do. It needs to know it is loved. It needs to remember it is loved. Every time it gets trashed, hurt, neglected, taken for granted or despised, it forgets about being loved. If nobody on the planet consciously loved it, the planet would literally turn to ice. This statement may seem outrageous, but I am serious. The only reason that the planet continues to flourish is because there is at least someone awake in love. And with all the negativity in thought and action that bounces around the world, the planet and all of us on it, need all the love possible to keep something going for the generations to come. We need to be better guests on the planet. We need to be loving stewards of the home we are given.

The first step is respect, second is recognition, and next is appreciation of the natural world. Healing occurs first from our recognition and respect of the sacred essence or Divine Truth within the place, then fixing this knowledge and this healing through ritual or creative work.

Recognition and respect brings alive the divine power and unique sacred quality inherently lying within the particular place. Recognize the unique love, beauty and value of a place, and respect this in whatever we do in that place. Recognize the flow of healing energy around a place, then help this to flow without blockage. If there are blocks to the flow, we need to recognize these as pain on the land and begin healing this pain through love and forgiveness. Our recognition and love is essential to the healing process, and we need to work with this consciously and be able to concentrate this redemptive energy to the right place in need.

Whenever the healing flow or sacred quality of a place is stuck, we need to give loving recognition to the stuck pain, as well as to the inherent essence and healing energy that awaits release, thus empowering the Divine Truth to come forth, healing where it is needed. We can be mediators for the necessary redemption of places on the planet where there is pain and blockage due to previous harm or misplacement of things. This creative work for healing and transmutation of subtle energies can only happen through the triad of recognition, right effort and agreement. We need to recognize what is, make the right efforts for what needs to be, and be in complete agreement with the need, the action and the result.

Above all, give sacred respect and love to our Mother Earth. She is alive as a Being, as our Being. Respect, as your mother’s body, the ground you travel upon. Walk carefully and live care-fully, respecting and caring for your source of life. Be conscious of all you do, because all action, even thought, has an effect upon the interconnected whole. It is possible to be aware of any activity upon the planet, present or past, whatever it may be, when one fully allows himself to be attuned in love with the Mother Earth and at one with the planet as ones own body.

In reality, each of us is the whole planet. We are each the microcosms of the world and share in the many joys and pains experienced throughout the whole. Though we seldom consciously experience anymore than our little small worlds; the interconnected whole always has effect and influence on our daily experience, unless we are in the flow of service and transforming the energies within us. When you are in love and loving all, you are helping transform the world into beauty and joy, and the planet itself, Mother Earth flourishes in gratitude. Know that you are the planet, be the planet, and carry this knowledge and sense wherever you go with gratitude and responsibility.

Recognizing sacred places

All land of the earth is of course sacred and has at least some of the higher energies pervading it. What we bring to the land, in respect, recognition and proper use, allows the sacredness to grow and come into its full potential. We can, in a sense, help bring out the latent sacred energies of a place, and help the surrounding flows of sacred energy merge into the area and develop there. What we bring of our own sacred substances and our higher creative will improves and empowers the land. So all places have the potential to become even more sacred and positively energized.

When we speak of sacred sites, we are speaking of the more powerful places on the planet. These are naturally created and fulfill certain important needs for the planet and humanity. They are places where sacred energies flow, swirl, and vortex in concentration. They have a relationship with others around and with the whole planetary web, and help form a greater pattern or matrix. These special sacred areas are significant to the overall eco-system and to our own well-being, and are like special Divine gifts on the planet.

We should take great care to respect and protect these areas, for they are very sensitive to abuse, sudden ecological shocks and built-structures, and any harm done has dramatic effect, not only in that area but all over. We should allow these special sites to be in their own way, and take the opportunity to enjoy and gain benefit from them.

Sacred sites, power vortexes and ley lines respond to our recognition of them and to our activities there on. How we perceive these places and what we give to them, inwardly and outwardly, have a profound influence. Sacred areas can give a Divine blessing to us, and we can give blessings to these, reciprocally. Our conscious recognition of the sacredness of these areas bring forth the sacredness there in. This recognition unfolds into a deep reverence and appreciation for the natural beauty and Divine qualities of the site.

Sacred energies manifest in and affect the area around; yet much more lies dormant, awaiting recognition and the need to unfold. There are always dormant and potential subtle energies stored within the land, and especially in certain places, which will only come forth when there is sufficient recognition, receptivity and need. Geomancy seeks to bring these awaiting sacred energies into full actualization for the benefit of the surrounding land and planet, and for humanity and the specific needs in that area. The greater potentials of the land first need our recognition, in order to come forth into actualization. We must first see them, and respect them in knowledge and love.

Our consciousness and love will resonate a sacred area into actualization. If we take care to harmonize with these subtle energy sites and flows, they will be enhanced and evermore actualized. If one completely respects, in reverence and gratitude, the great gift of this land one stands on, the great gift of life on this planet, the land will sing and awaken in love for being appreciated. Love awakens love, the love that was always there, though not known until recognized, until acknowledged, until it is shared together. Appreciation and gratitude go hand in hand in giving back some of the love we have been so freely given.

The responsibility of custodianship for the land, for the earth, is a great gift and opportunity to serve life and help unfold the beauty and potentials of this land. Through our commitment, willingness and agreement to be here, fully alive and within love, to give of ourselves completely and receive the many treasures of the planet; we have the opportunity to serve life in many ways yet unknown and live in harmony with the abundance unfolding on the planet.

The many kingdoms of nature and the subtle, formative energies within the planet await our awakening and our recognition of their living beauty. The living forms and energies on the planet awaken to their unique potentials and purpose through our recognition and loving custodianship. So, our awakening is related to the Earth's manifestation of greater potentials.

Our work is to be custodians for the Earth's sacred energies and beauty to manifest and be revealed. Sometimes we need to help open up the space for this to happen. This may require cleaning out garbage and disorder, so that the potential beauty may be revealed. It may require making space for beauty and spontaneity to occur. The particular beauty and Divinity inherent in a space or structure of relationships will be clouded and distorted if there is unnecessary clutter about. The subtle energies will be disrupted and blocked by disorder or by un-attended, unnecessary situations.

A living space will attract unwanted, disorderly, dusty energy, if it is un-attended and left to gather all sorts of strange things. Negative thought form will attract to un-attended, unclean, disorderly spaces. So when we do attend to those spaces we are responsible for, with loving care and attention, to clean and order things for the manifestation of beauty and functional use, we open up a receptive channel to the finest possible energy available.

Everything we do to help our environment comes back to us and those around us, because every intentional effort to serve the space we are given, and every physical action we take to serve the good and the beautiful, has its psychological counterpart and effect. The work we do not only has a beneficial effect upon this particular space and time, but also anchors something for the future of that space and for the future of mankind.


Many people are able to appreciate beauty in nature, which is a first step towards being in harmony with nature. First recognize and appreciate the beauty around, then help maintain existing beauty, and then create new beauty.

Beauty is the manifested expression of love. Thus, when we perceive beauty in a flower or in tree or anywhere on the land, the very cause of this beauty is love. Or in other words, beauty is nature's expression of love. So if anyone denies that nature loves, or has love, just point out the beauty of nature, because that's how nature loves. Nature is sharing her inner love with us through her manifested beauty. Nature is smiling her love our way, by way of the beauty we see. She knows that our soul needs to experience beauty, and so with love she gives us beauty.

In a general sense, all life is beautiful, which means that all life is a giving of love, because beauty is the gift of love. All life comes out of love and is an expression of love – though there are different degrees of love and beauty. So one of our purposes in life is to purify and perfect the love and beauty all around us on this planet. Although nature and other people are already beautiful, in essence, we have the opportunity in our lifetime to help this world become evermore beautiful, lovely, and full of love.

Beauty recognized

Love seeks to be known and is known through beauty. Beauty is love in manifestation. We know of love through beauty. Therefore, Nature reveals love to us through the manifestation of beauty. Yet we need to appreciate it. We need to consciously recognize the love made beautiful, else there is no purpose to that creation, to that gift. Our appreciation is the love we give back, and it is also the only way we can receive the love given.

Why do we see or experience beauty anyways? Why is anything beautiful to us? What is beauty? A sky, a lake, a tree or a bird certainly exists in front of us, but why would we experience this as beautiful? It just is, isn’t it? The recognition of beauty is a human experience. It is something that has to do with our awareness. It is not just something that is transmitted by an object or phenomena. A sunset is not beautiful by itself. It does not really radiate beauty to us from itself (although this is partly true), but it is in the way that we experience it that makes it beautiful, and this is due to our recognition within our heart. Something inside us resonates with the expression being revealed from the outside world. It’s like that outside something is a tuning fork of a certain note which resonates the same kind of tuning fork in us. Beauty is the recognition of love, and love is the dissolving of separation. We experience beauty when we recognize something out there that is felt deep within ourselves, when we hear music resonating inside from the music we hear outside.

We are natural beings. We are born from Nature, so we are of Nature. So when we recognize beauty or any other quality in nature, we are recognizing what is also in our own being. We are resonating with a similar harmonic which is reflecting back and forth, between ourselves and nature around us. We are recognizing our common being and rejoicing within over the love known together, that deep resonance, that deep knowing, which uplifts our hearts to a finer appreciation of the Unity we live within and the joy of knowing our self in oneness with nature.

Experiencing love and beauty

One of the great purposes of life is to love, and then learn more how to love. But seldom do we consider love as the ultimate meaning of all life. Love is significant as an ultimate human experience and is most usually a social experience. But we can also have a love experience and a personal relationship with the natural world, with the land, or with the whole Earth. This love relationship-experience can be very profound and special. This love relationship with Earth, nature, and the land can be very intensely real and meaningful in our life. And in this relationship, there is much that we can give and much that we can receive. This give and receive relationship between humanity and nature is the great spiritual possibility for all of us, which will bring to our lives greater joy, health, and beauty.

In order to truly love our planet and the wonderful nature all around us, we need to understand this planet and understand nature, both physically and in other ways. The most common understanding is that the planet is a physical thing. Even ecological studies are just concerned with physical laws, energies and relations. This is all extremely significant to geomancy, yet geomancy goes even further into a holistic view of the planet by studying and respecting the etheric, emotional, and spiritual energies as well. Our premise is that the planet and the land we live upon has these extra-physical energies which pervade through the physical.

These meta-energies are more thoroughly defined in another section. But for example, the Earth is pervaded by lines and regions of etheric (or vital) energy, which feed our health and well-being. In addition, each area of land has a unique composition of emotional energies, which are qualities of feeling pervading the land and affecting us emotionally. Thus, these non-physical energies need to be studied, understood and respected as well; and in any kind of land planning or design, these other kinds of energies need to be considered, valued, protected, enhanced, or sometimes healed.

So one of the principle understandings in geomancy is that nature has love in it and also other emotional feelings. If we neglect to understand this, then we will tend to treat nature and natural lives as merely physical things, without any love or any feelings. By analogy, one would not want others to only respect one's physical body, but also we want others to respect our emotional and spiritual aspects of our self.

Therefore, we need to be sensitive to the land and to every life on Earth – sensitive to the very feelings of the nature surrounding us and with which we interact. We then enter into a feeling-sensitive relationship with nature or with the land, which then changes how we see and interact with nature. This feeling kind of relationship can even be experienced as intimate, or as a love relationship, or it might be experienced as a sense of belonging, kinship or family.

As we come into an emotional-feeling sensitive relationship, or as we sensitively feel these sentient energies of nature or these qualities of the land, we then treat the land with an enhanced respect, as we would for any other loved one. We then value the land and value the special emotive qualities present in the land. We then enter into a sensitive relationship with the land. And perhaps we even enter into a love relationship with the land, and also with the natural world overall; whereby we give and receive love in this relationship.

When we establish a love-relationship with the land, or a heart-connection with nature, we will receive more than one would ordinarily think. We will receive greater vitality and health, emotional and spiritual healing, and even our human intelligence will increase because of our relationship to the intelligences of the natural world.

Love is an involvement, a meeting, a relatedness and a togetherness. Without our need for love and without others in need of our love, there would be a lack of meaning in love. Love is reciprocity in flow. We cannot know how to give love without knowing how to receive love, and we cannot know how to receive love without knowing how to give love. Love is meant to be both received and given, experienced and shared. We need to learn how to give and receive. We can receive ever more love from our fellow friends and from the different aspects of nature, and we have the innate ability to give ever more love back again. In order to give love, we need to understand the receiver. We need to know how it is to be a receiver and what a receiver needs. This involves respect of the uniqueness of each person, and it also involves a respect for our own uniqueness and needs. All of this can also be applied to our relationship with the land, with nature, or with the Earth as a whole.

Love is an ultimate purpose and obviously important to people; yet right now, our love might be immature or distorted. There are many in the world who think they are loving, but they don't see the selfishness in their love. They don't see how their selfishness poses as love, or how they often hurt others in the name of love. People can be so very fooled by their ego justifications; so we each need to be cautious of this in our self. Thus, we need to work at loving. We need to practice more loving and develop pure love within ourselves. We need to know what love is and learn how to love. Love is inborn in all people, yet it is first a seed that needs to grow into its own beauty and perfection. We should not just presume love, or that we already know love, or that we can easily act with love. Fullness of love is a rare occurrence, both in experience and in deed. But a humble and yearning heart has an opening for love.

A first step in making a heart-love relationship with the natural world is by way of appreciation and gratitude, which are aspects of love. Appreciation and gratitude are landmarks of love, along with care and giving. Appreciation goes with gratitude, and gratitude goes with appreciation. Everyone knows how wonderful and fulfilling it is to be appreciated, and how loved we feel when another person is sincerely thankful for our contribution, our giving, or even just for our being here. Likewise, all life, and even the whole living planet needs to be sincerely appreciated for who it is and what it gives. So when we sincerely appreciate the nature or land around us, we are giving a very special love back to nature and to the land.