Kinds & Qualities of Energies


All earth energies are essentially the same earth-life energy, but there are different kinds. In what follows, the terms 'kinds' and 'qualities' will be used. This distinction (of terms) is not critically important to geomancy, so one could interchange the words with no real confusion; but one reason for using the term 'kind of energy' as the more basic term is so the term 'quality of energy' can be applied more clearly to the many possible emotional qualities or psychological qualities of an area.

In general, when a geomancer speaks of a certain 'kind' of energy, this energy is a clearly distinguishable from other kinds; whereas, in speaking of a 'quality' of energy, this refers to a feeling or emotional or psychological quality that is somewhat different from other possible qualities. There can be many possible qualities found in areas; there are no definable limits to the number of geomancy qualities or quality-influences. But 'kinds' of energies are limited in number (depending on the system of understanding) to two [polarity] kinds, or to three [triadic] or to four [as is in medicine wheel systems]. It just depends on how people make distinctions of the fundamental earth energies.

The first kind (or type) of energy distinction is polarity, which is how the one essential energy divides into two opposite yet complementing kinds. This includes the polarity of yin/yang, but also includes the phenomena of magnetic and electrical energies; both related. Another distinction of energies is in the three kinds of earth energy – vital-life, emotional, and consciousness energies. Each of these is quite different from the others. A fourth kind of energy can also be added, which is the energy of beauty, since different places have more beauty than others and this power of beauty has a definite effect on our psyche. Also to be discussed will be the seven types of energies. These correspond to the seven ray qualities and seven planetary qualities in western esoteric teachings, and to the seven chakras in eastern Indian teachings. These are real distinct energy qualities, and so are the other described distinctions; this is not just a convenient descriptive model.

Polarities of energy

The most basic differentiation of the essential earth energy is into two kinds. This is the phenomena of energy polarity, which can be understood in few ways. One description of the polarity differentiation is yin/yang, which comes from Chinese geomancy. Yin is easy flowing, gentle, relaxing, and yielding to whatever. Yang is strongly intense, very energizing, and determining. This same polarity can also be represented or described as either a feminine or a masculine quality of energy. Remember that this is describing the very same area of land, so these are simply different names for the same corresponding qualities. Another description of this energy polarity is magnetic and electrical; this is also correlating to yin/yang and feminine/masculine.

The masculine, yang, electrical energy is outgoing, courageous, assertive, leading, logical, electrical and vertical. The feminine, yin, magnetic energy is receptive, enfolding, nurturing, caring, peaceful, intuitive, magnetic and circular. Some of these qualities might seem to only apply to human beings, but try to use metaphoric imagination in order to understand how the land can also hold such qualities. Also realize that these are all generalizations, so do not expect that every place will show exactly this or that. But if one learns better how to observe and sense energies, then one will find these distinctions useful.

For example, mountains or anything very vertical or protruding in a landscape will usually be yang; while valleys, lakes, caves, or anything more circular or with a kind of opening will most often have a yin energy quality. In geomancy applications, an area might be best balanced with creations polar opposite to the existing dominating quality, in order to achieve an overall quality of polarity balance. More about all of this will be discussed. More about all of this will be discussed.

Power Points and Magnetic Areas

The most special areas on the planet can be divided into two main categories: power centres and magnetic areas. Power centres have a more immediate and powerful effect. They release a kind of electrical and scintillating energy. They are especially good for healing, revitalization, rejuvenation, meditations, vision search, as well as group celebrations and rituals. But one does not stay for long in power centres and should not build residence in them. The energies are too intense for long term living, and it would not be relaxing enough to mostly live there.

In contrast, magnetic areas release a more receptive and peaceful kind of energy, which is welcoming for long-term activities. So they are very good to live and work within on a more permanent basis. Magnetic areas are more soothing, relaxing and welcoming. These are good areas to live in and to share with others. These areas invite people and whole communities to live and prosper, to build homes and work places, as well as art and archetecture on the land.

An understanding of the difference between these two types of areas can be found in a study of the different kind of vortex present. If you visualize a vortex, you will note that it has both a vertical and horizontal direction to it. A spiral is created from a circular, horizontal flow and a linear, vertical flow combined. A spiral can either be very thin and fast rising, or it can be more wide and slow rising, and it can be anywhere between these two extremes.

Simply then, the power sites are the more extremely vertical, rising spirals, and the magnetic areas are the more horizontal, widely encompassing spirals. Because of this, power centres exist in small areas and magnetic areas can encompass very large areas of land. The positive spiral of magnetic areas extends and fills a larger body of land, because the spiral is more fat or horizontal. So this is the real distinction between these two types. The distinction is a matter of extremes, and many areas are in the medium of the extreme, thus having both properties more balanced.

Four properties of energy are involved in these positive vortexes, which are gravity and levity juxtaposed, and electricity and magnetism juxtaposed. Visualize them on a graph. The power centres have more levity and electricity, and the magnetic areas have more gravity and magnetism.

A place with more electricity has a kind of scintillating, charging energy. A place with more magnetism has a kind of nurturing, peaceful energy. More levity produces an erupting, high feeling, and more gravity produces a grounding, productive feeling. The power centres might be seen as more masculine or yang, while the magnetic areas are more more feminine or yin. The horizontal, circular component of the spiral represents the feminine, and the vertical, uprising component represents the masculine aspect.

Since each area has its own unique blend of energies and qualities, and likewise, each of us people do too, special sacred sites are good places to blend energies together, or what we might call cross-pollination One can receive the particular substances of one place, digest them within one’s being, and carry this new syntheses to other places; thereby helping to cross-pollinate and synthesis different acupuncture centres on the earth. Magnetic areas can especially act as human beehives -- places to gather the many blends of energies together, producing new, synthesized energies on the earth and for humanity.

Lines of energy can flow in concentration and with much force, and when they meet each other they create positive vortexes and force energy upward, thus creating vortex springs and more powerful electro-magnetic fields. Three or more ley lines crossing will produce a healing sacred site or else a magnetic area which can be beneficially used for group gatherings and meditations, and can also be a good place to build a sanctuary, temple or church. These places are usually magnetic areas and not the same as power centres, because they are merging areas of ley lines and not sources of ley lines (as are power centres).

Kinds of earth energy

vital, emotional, and consciousness energies

Every area of land has some degree of etheric-vital energy, which is the foundational energy of all life, or also known as formative energy or patterning energy. In eastern systems of science it is known as prana, chi or ki. All of this is the same earth energy as studied in geomancy.

In geomancy we can also study and work with other kinds of earth energies as well, such as the consciousness and emotional energies contained on and flowing through the land. All of these 'kinds' or 'qualities' are inter-related. In total, we might describe all earth energies as having both vital and psychic components, as they affect the physical and mental-emotional components of who we are.

All earth energies are the same essence of energy, yet there are distinguishable kinds and qualities of earth energies. By analogy, all light is light, but light comes in different frequencies, and these differences produce unique phenomenal effects, both physical and psychological. We all know how different colors affect us in different ways, so the same is true of the different kinds and qualities of earth energies.

The three kinds of earth energies permeating throughout and across the earth are consciousness, emotional, and vital energies. In different areas each of these energies will be different in their magnitude and in their purity. Many people have experienced, intuited or sensed the consciousness, the love, or the vitality of a place, or all three. In geomancy we learn to become sensitive to this, to divine it, and to help a place receive it. We apply certain methods to enhance, create, heal, or protect the positive natural energies of a place.

In some areas, where harm to the land has occurred or harm to life, the etheric-earth energies might reverse spin, creating a negative-reverse spiral, and thus creating an opposite effect to the natural vitality that would be naturally present. Not to despair, though, because any negativity can be transformed, redeemed, healed, and the positive restored.

Vital energies give strength and rejuvenation to our physical bodies. These are actually etheric electromagnetic energies, also known as prana or chi. This energy of vitality energizes us and provides the life force, the living chi or prana, giving us more enthusiasm and energy to do things and live to the fullest.

These etheric energies bring vitality and health into the physical. Also they bring vitality to the land and to the plants and animals who live in that area. This kind of energy is probably the easiest to detect or feel, and it is most obvious earth energy. It might be strong and pure in certain energies, while in other places it may be weak. In some areas, unfortunately, the vital energies are simply absent or in retreat, due to harmful human activities or from inharmoniously placed or designed buildings. Certain areas can even become vitality drainers. These weak or negative areas then need geomantic healing, or some kind of redesign.

Consciousness energies enhance our own consciousness, even awakening us from the slumbers of ordinary mind, and help propel us into a spiritual consciousness. We don't ordinarily think of the land as conscious, nor of the earth as conscious, yet consciousness flows all over the earth, though in some places more than others. The land is flowing with consciousness, which is inherent in the earth and in all of life, though human beings have a greater potential capacity for consciousness.

Consciousness flows through the earth in varying degrees, so different places will emit different degrees of consciousness, which awakens and en-lightens our experience. It is through this consciousness energy that we awaken to the sacredness and creative beauty of a place. This also stimulates our self-awareness and consciousness of our beingness. Also, this kind of energy brings a higher intelligence and pattern to the land and to those living or visiting there. Higher intelligences and earth intelligences (devas) move along these energy paths and reside in those places where there is more consciousness energy.

So, some areas have more of this consciousness energy in the land and flowing through it, while other areas have less. In some places the consciousness is more pure and clear, while in other places it is more clouded or cluttered with too much thought-form. Some places have a tendency to collect thought-forms, while other places have a power to disperse thought-forms, just as the unimpeded openness of a place will disperse odors. Like all of the earth energies, this consciousness energy can turn from positive to negative, due to incorrect or destructive human activities on the land. Areas with weak consciousness energy might even make one sleepy or cloudy in mind.

Emotional energies also flow through the land and accumulate in places. This is the emotional quality of earth energies, the quality-feeling of a place. Of course there are many kinds of emotion; so the emotional energy {emotional quality or quality-feeling} of a place could be very positive and joyful, or it could be somewhat sad or depressing.

The most positive emotional quality is love, and many subsidiary qualities emerge from the love essence. Love is the essence-quality of original positive emotional energies, yet other positive qualities are also natural to areas: qualities such as joy, playfulness, peace, belonging, and many other sweet qualities. These all can be called love qualities, or else we call them positive emotional areas. Love flows all over the earth and through the land; though the magnitude of this love energy is greater in some areas and less in other areas.

The love energy of a place gives us the feeling of being loved and nurtured, and it resonates the love within ourselves. One feels a very special love in the place and our love of that place is especially enhanced. The qualities of deep caring, appreciation and enjoyment are enhanced here. In some areas the love energy is still pure and powerful; yet in other areas the love energy that was there is now gone or distorted, because of what man has done there.

All emotional earth energies were, originally, pure love energies, but now we might find any kind of emotional energy present in a place because of what humans bring to a place, or how we might change the pure nature of a place. The land gets colored by the emotions of those residing on it; so over time and circumstances, the emotional energy of many places has changed into a less than positive emotion. In other words, the original love energy can degrade into a lesser quality of energy. So in regards to emotional energies present in the land, some of this might be natural {original} but some might be human created. The natural is always positive in some way, but the human-created might be negative – though humans actually have a potential to enhance the love in an area.

So wherever one is, one can tune into the emotional quality of the place and receive from this. But if the energy is not helpfully positive, then one should ignore the negative while replacing that negative energy by radiating out a positive emotional energy. Positives always transform negatives; just as light dispels darkness.


A fourth kind of earth energy could also be distinguished. This is the energy of beauty. Some geomancers might argue that beauty is not really a kind of energy, yet no one will deny the power of beauty to evoke joy and healing in our hearts. So there most definitely is a power of beauty, that is possible on the land and also possible to experience.

Beauty is quite different in many respects from the three energies just mentioned; yet it is an energy from nature that has a great power and effect. Many places have beauty, but some have more beauty more than others. And some places seem to have a negative or reversal energy of beauty, which we might call ugliness. So this energy beauty ranges between negative values and very positive values.

Now many people think that beauty is just a subjective judgment, as in the idea that 'beauty is just in the eye of the beholder'. It is true that beauty is subjectively experienced, and would not make any sense (as a concept or as an energy) if there were no one to experience the beauty. However, it is also true that the beauty of a special natural area is experienced by almost all visitors, which is evidence that beauty has an objective power. Thus, beauty is a real power, or a real effective energy, in people's experience and their psyche.

Beauty from nature brings to us enjoyment and delight, or what could be called aesthetic pleasure. This is no small thing; for this can be a very important value in our lives and a positive transformer of our emotional energy. In fact, beauty ought to be an objective value in any land use planning or policy. Additionally, geomancy work should always seek to preserve and enhance all natural beauty.

Ethereal places

Etheric energy is also sometimes called ethereal energy. But we prefer to use the word 'ethereal' for something else, which is related with etheric energy but has not the same meaning. It could be said that a particular area is especially ethereal, or that one area is more ethereal than another area.

The ethereal-ness of a place is its degree of physical transparency. A place is more ethereal if the place is less physically dense, which then allows people to more easily see through the physicality and into the ethereality, the under-layer of reality that is beyond the physical. The land and air of this area is less physically dense. And because the physical density is less, it is more possible to see through the physical layer into the underlying formative layer – of subtle energies and patterns which have a formative influence on the physical layer and on our emotional and psychological experience. So in this meaning of ethereal, it is the area's degree of physical transparency, making it easier to see and also feel the subtle energies, the energy flows, and the distinct qualities of such energies.

Power sites and magnetic sites are usually ethereal sites as well. The meaning is not exactly the same, but the similarity is that in such places many people tend to have special extra-ordinary perceptions and spiritual experiences, and much of this depends on the thickness or thinness of the physical density at that place, or what could be called the ethereal transparency.

Places vary as to how ethereal they are, but the more ethereal places are very special, because in these places we can more easily see right through into the formative energy-patterns. A geomancer or a shaman with 'sight' is able to see into this 'formative world', or see through the more dense physical layer to the energies which work under it. In more ethereal places it is easier have such experiences.

So this is the space which shamans see into. Sometimes spiritual colors are seen, or patterns, or sounds or music is heard. Sometimes spiritual beings are seen, or nature beings. Actually, in any place there are nature spirits, deva presences, as well as subtle etheric energies and patterns, and at each place it is possible to see, feel or sense any of this. But this seeing and sensing is much easier in more ethereal places, because the physical density is more 'thin'. These places tend to become sacred places in the local culture; for over hundreds of years or more they have acquired a reputation.

These places can also be portals to see into the past times of this place, as one can more easily see who was there and what happened in the past at this particular place. Generally, these are places where the earth energies are stronger and more influential, as well as being ethereal. So in many cases at these ethereal places people of the past might have erected special markers or made regular ceremony.

These areas can also be portals into spiritual dimensions and spiritual experiences. For here one can more easily have a spiritual experience or spiritual vision, or more easily see into the spiritual world. This is because the area is less physically dense. Native peoples and earlier peoples had more notice of such places, much more than we do now, because they were more energy sensitive while less preoccupied with modern “practical” concerns and 'logical reasoning'. Thus, native people make good use of such areas by protecting them to be special vision-quest places or places to have spiritual gatherings.

Another ethereal phenomena of areas is sound and color. This is, of course, obvious if taken literally. But in geomancy we might be aware of the etheric sound and color, which is different from the physical. This might be experienced as the color or sound of the perceived 'space' – as sensed by one's inner eye or inner ear. One sees and hears these qualities with inner senses, sometimes called mystical, psychic, shamanic, or etheric sight. It is perceiving the space through the physical. It shows something as significant that, in many cultures, there are native names for such extra-normal sensing.

It is not possible to simply generalize the 'meaning' of each etheric color or sound, or the meaning of what is ethereally sensed. The meaning can best be understood by the perceiver. But one might have a sense of the degree of harmony and beauty in relation to these sounds and colors, which can then be of practical use. Another ethereal property to sense is vibration, which is of course related to sound and color. Some people more easily sense the vibration, rather than than sound or color; but all of these are meaningfully related.

Psychology of the land

The blending of all the different energies and qualities of a place produce the overall energy quality of that place. We might experience this as the psychology of the area. There is an inner feeling for the particular psychology of a place, and this is reflected in our experience of its unique beauty or harmony. Of course sometimes there is the psychological feeling of ugliness, disharmony or pain in an area, usually due to man’s greed and mis-use of the land.

Because we have consciousness, thoughts and emotions, we affect the land psychologically. The land, in turn, affects us psychologically as well. The subtle energies have a psychological aspect, which can affect and be affected. It may seem either odd or mistaken to regard the land as having a psychology, since psyche and subjective inner experience seem to be unique to human beings. But geomancy and many other earth-attuned spiritual perspectives believe that nature and the lives of nature do have degrees of inner consciousness and also qualities of being; thus, parts of nature or areas of nature have a psychological aspect.

Some people may prefer to not think of nature in terms of psychology. But one gains a unique experience about the land, trees, etc; when one considers the psychology or psyche of it. Remember that mind creates vibration and pattern, and vice versa, so in a sense we can sensitively tune into the more subtle, implicit, vibration and pattern; which is the same meaning as its 'psychology'.

So, we can consciously tune into the psyche of the land and resonate with it. We can also help bring forth certain resonances, by way of how we perceive and work with the land, like bringing to awareness what is subconsciously there, but sleeping. Our own awakening to and recognition of the hidden energies, can awaken them into action. Certain potentials can be brought forth, and we can bring out certain memories or painful traumas locked within the land, though having some effect at some level, to heal them. Our conscious work and creativity can evoke certain hidden potentials into action.

Power of symbolic meaning

Certain features in the landscape reveal a symbolism or kind of meaning within our psyche, and they create an emotional response. How we see and find meaning in the land affects us. The land is known by its shape and pattern, its rhythm and form, and this even changes at different perspectives. So each part of the land has its unique artistic and psychological quality, which is further unique from each perspective. Different places are like different perspectives, so they perceive or attract different music.

We can speak of the unique music or artistic quality of a place. Each area has a unique sound and a unique song to it. Everything has kind of ring to it and a unique tune. We say that a place sounds very ..., or looks very..., or 'I feel... resonating in me'. The music and sounds of The Creator are heard in nature, and our inner being resonates with this. We can be ever more receptive to this. Each of these places are themselves a music perceived. Each is influenced from the surrounding music, and, in turn, each is singing its tune to the surroundings. Sound creates pattern and pattern creates sound. Music creates artistic form and artistic form creates music. And it all acquires meaning and reality by way of how it is received. In fact, without receptivity, art, music and meaning does not really exist. It subsists in a world of possibility. The receiver, or receiving point, completes the meaning and actualization.

Without a listener, can music have any real existence? The actual reality of any energy or influence is the unique meeting between the source and the receiver. The actual influence of any source of energy is partly dependent upon the unique nature of the place it is received or where it travels over. There is usually some kind of receptivity at some level of life and mind, which influences matter, electro-magnetic fields, and a subliminal, subconscious field of the psyche.

Through conscious awareness and receptivity, one can understand these influences, give new meaning to them, and assimilate, organize and direct these subtle influences for better use. As we come to know our environment better and acquire an understanding of the music playing, we can really appreciate the subtleties and beautiful complexities of this life on earth, and harmonize with the music, while adding our unique creativity and direction to the overall concert in play. The possibilities are fascinating, but the world of possibility can only be realized through receptivity and effort.

Practical studies and applications

Energy qualities always have a physical, emotional, psychological correspondence. For example, a certain place might have an abundance of confidence, or nurturing, or helping concentration or imagination, and this would be a good place to sit or develop a land-use for acquiring that kind of quality. If one is in need of a certain quality, one can dowse or feel out the right spot to be on the land for a time. It is a matter of feeling and knowing what you need, then sensing where you are naturally attracted to be fulfilled.

One can understand the more potent possibilities for an area by finding the energy qualities of the place and also the energy-qualities coming from surrounding directions, then sensing their psychological effect on the land. Within an area of land there are often definite places which accumulate and radiate certain qualities of subtle energy that can be used for specific purposes. We might place a building there, or a developed land-use, or leave it open for visiting, depending on the quality to be tapped.

Sometimes a mountain, or any power vortex, will emit one main quality in one direction yet a different quality in another direction. It sort of depends on from where you are to feel it, or to where the energy is going. Different combinations of these qualities will flow through and influence any given area of land. Vortexes and centers will resonate some of these notes more than others. Also, the energy qualities of a place will tend to attract the energies of other places and activities that resonate with its particular quality.

A study of the energy qualities affecting an area of land can reveal useful insights into what is possible to do and how to use these for functional and psychological benefit. A building or a spot to be used for some specific function can be placed and oriented to better receive a needed quality. Also, by defining a place or structure properly, by the use of design and pattern and also by correct placement, one can help particular energies flow into them or resonate at that site. Designing with certain kinds of pattern and proportion, along with correct placement, can draw in the qualities one needs.

Use of correct pattern, proportion, form and color in our building, landscaping and art can resonate beneficial qualities and harmonize subtle energies. Mind resonates mind. Action resonates action. Vibration resonates pattern and pattern resonates vibration. What we fix onto the land, by way of building and definition, will fix corresponding energies and patterns into play. It creates harmonic bounce across the land and resonates other areas toward similar vibration.

We can also build artistically or place artistic objects in a way that enhances positive psychological qualities in us. Structures built with natural proportion or with positive symbolic meaning, or positive artistic objects, placed correctly with geomancy in mind, will not only improve the quality of the land at hand and surrounding, but this will also have positive psychological effects – affecting our health, emotions, and mental-spiritual vision.

Seven qualities of earth energies

Studying seven types of qualities offers more differentiations, which can be more useful to our work. Geomancers of the Renaissance, and maybe earlier as well, divided the earth energy qualities into seven planetary types: Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Sun and Moon. You will notice of course that the sun and moon are not really planets, but in the arcane tradition these are considered as being planetary types. The solar and lunar qualities are of a slightly different type anyways. In the arcane tradition of geomancy and alchemy, these seven planets were believed to cause and influence the seven types.

Mercury gives practical skill and dexterity for work. It has versatility and gets things done in the quickest and most economical manner. It is a good type of place for getting work done most efficiently, and it also carries the quality of communication skills. Venus shares its beauty, peace and harmony. It carries a sensuousness and an aesthetic sense, and brings people together for playfulness, pleasure and enjoyment. Mars is very assertive and determined to succeed. It carries much courage and endurance, and will fight emotionally for a just cause. Mars also helps activate our own will power, determination, and perseverance. Jupiter is nurturing and very generous. It is kind-hearted, sympathetic, and loves gatherings. It carries a motherly-caring and protection quality, and builds a sense of family or community among people. Saturn has an intelligent, educational and teaching quality, so it can help activate those qualities in us. It also helps us become more investigative and analytical, and also helps us at organizing and managing business and other creative endeavors. The Moon, or lunar quality, is receptive, adaptive and assimilating. It is more introspective, or aloof and detached. It can help us be alone, quiet, introspective, and meditative. Caves will often have a lunar quality. The lunar will often have a quiet and silent feeling, and it can sometimes be sort of dark or mysterious, but this should not imply negativity. The Sun, or solar quality, is very radiant quality. It has an outgoing kind of quality, compared to the inward-going lunar quality. Sometimes it will have a commanding quality. It carries the energy-qualities of leadership and spiritual guidance, and it helps initiate new inspiration and action.

One or two of these qualities will usually be most strong and dominant in any one area. Certain features or shapes in an area, or of a hill-mountain, can clue us into its main energy-quality. Different mountains, for instance, will give out more of one quality, and even appear with certain physical characteristics common to that quality. For example, Venus energy most often comes from a rounded shaped hill; while mars has a more pointed, pyramidal, or masculine shape. But valleys and lake areas will also often have a Venus quality. Jupiter and Venus places are more similar looking, while Saturn and Mars places are also more similar looking; but Jupiter and Saturn places have a more grand look and presence; while Venus and Mars places tend to be smaller areas. Mountain plateaus often have a Saturn quality. Large open roundish areas will often be a Jupiter quality, but there could be subsidiary qualities within that area. Venus areas are often more quaint and romantic. Solar places often appear to be more grand places and they emit the most intense energy, while lunar energy tends to be more quiet.