Effects of consciousness

Giving to the land

We can serve the land by the quality of our consciousness and our work. Conscious and knowledgeable work with the subtle energies of the land has a beneficial influence that extends far beyond the immediate area of work. When a negative vortex is changed to a positive, or a ley line is freed from a blockage, or a painful memory pattern is dissolved, or a place is cleaned and ordered with TLC (tender loving care), or a building is designed and built with harmony, or even when we celebrate the beauty of living with joyfulness and play; the effects are far reaching indeed.

Geomancy seeks to create and act in response to the greater needs of the surroundings, and to be in harmony with the larger pattern of the land and what's naturally around. We seek to harmonize our activities with all the kingdoms of nature, visible and invisible, and to be in resonance with the natural order inherent on the planet. We seek to be good stewards of our home-land, knowing that we cannot really own land, but we can take on the responsibility to care for certain areas, also knowing that any one area is interconnected with all the rest of nature.

It is possible to evolve the land to its higher potentials, serving all the kingdoms as well as our human needs. We can be healers of the land and help create greater beauty around us. The subtle, sacred energies of specific sites and ley lines can be enhanced and blended together, helping to create a thriving, harmonious energy web around the planet, and we can be a part of the co-creation of the overall patterns and harmonious order for the fulfillment of this planet’s destiny.

We can help the subtle energies of the land unfold by our conscious work. How we work and what we do is all so important, not only to the area we have specific responsibility for, but also for the evolution and destiny of planet Earth. Being the conscious custodians on our Earth, we imbue the land we live and walk on with consciousness, love-blessings, and meaning.

The meaning we give to the land, as well as our attitude and thoughts, become registered into the land, which will then unfold accordingly. We can give significant meaning to our land through our highest thoughts and our best creative work. Our landscaping, architecture and artistic symbolism creates new meaning on the land, as well as our human activities, all of which help bring forth new beauty and potentials of the earth and in our lives; that is, if we are harmonious with the sacred energies of the planet.

Many areas on the planet are sacred sites in potential, which can be actualized with our recognition and creative good works. We can help actualize these sacred sites by our conscious acknowledgment, agreement and love. And also help to define these sacred places with beautiful monuments, sanctuaries, contemplative gardens, with sacred patterns or beauty circles.

What we can bring to the land

What we bring to the land, or to nature, from our own being, has a profound effect. Our state of consciousness and what is going on inside us has a profound effect on the land and in our activities. What we give to the Earth, from our own quality of consciousness and love, has a profound effect. Normally, we just don't realize this. Yet because of this truth, we each have a great responsibility in how we are, in our inner being and in how we walk upon and live with the Earth. Everyone has a potential power to bring positive energies and healing to wherever one is, and this can be our inner gift to the planet and all of nature that is here.

Our consciousness and quality of being is remembered on the land, and it adds to what is already there. The higher quality of our consciousness can actually be healing for the land, and it can also establish special energy connections between this land and sacred power places many miles away. The quality of our consciousness has a real effect on the land and nature, in the same way that music has a real effect in our own being. It is to do with energy vibration, quality, and pattern. Our consciousness is a real energy with a particular vibratory quality and field, which affects the land and everyone around us, according to natural laws of resonance. Each individual consciousness is itself an energy field, with a unique vibrational quality and expansive magnitude.

So, consider the quality and expansive magnitude of your own consciousness, and also consider how this changes -- sometimes being more positive and loving, and at other times not. Consider how the quality of your consciousness can be your gift to the land, and this includes the quality of your heart and thought. But the consciousness and love we carry within ourselves is transmitted to our surroundings only to the extent it is activated.

Both love and consciousness are needed. This then is conscious love, or love radiating with consciousness. The land around us and even the whole Earth feels our love, when it is sincere and true. Our appreciation, gratitude and enjoyment of nature is healing to the earth, to the land, as well as to ourselves. Our highest intentions for good and our wish to serve the planet is known by the land beneath us and is registered there, and our love for the earth and life around us has a powerful healing effect.

Furthermore, through our consciousness we can establish real communication with nature and make good things possible that would otherwise be impossible, if we were not in conscious love and communication. Nature around us knows when we recognize it consciously and with love, but most of time it is ignored. So it is important to establish a real, conscious relationship with the land we are on, the nature around, and even finally, the whole Earth.

First, begin with the present locality at hand and establish a conscious connection and sensitivity. This can be in relation to an area of land, or more specifically to a particular life such as a tree or flowers. Remember the key principles of: consciousness, sensitivity, connection, relationship, recognition, love, appreciation, and gratitude. All of these have profound effects on the land and in nature. And if any of this is done in groups, the positive effects are even greater.

Each of us can be healers of the land by our very presence, assuming we are present, consciously and in loving recognition of the sacredness we are in. Know that wherever you stand is sacred ground, then it will be so. You will be blessing the ground you stand on, through your recognition and reverence of its holiness. It becomes holy ground through your recognition that it is. The land wakes up and the holiness comes alive, because of our conscious receptivity. If one walks or stands with no receptivity, no recognition, no reverence; then the land does not sing for that person and the land does not awaken to its potential.

Our love, care, and work

We give much to the land by our love and our conscious work. The energy of our intention, effort, and love is remembered by the land. The land is blessed by our conscious work and begins to sing and come alive in thankful recognition of our love. The energy of our love and loving work creates a lasting energy implanted into the land and then radiated out into the surroundings.

The energy of love and care radiates from people to whatever is worked upon. Some call it the TLC factor, tender loving care. Our loving intentions and good efforts to love and to serve become gifts to the land or to whatever we are helping to create. It is not just our work that affects things or helps the planet, but also our love and quality of presence creates a significant effect on the land and even all around it.

Anyone can participate in earth healing and in planetary energy transformation, because it all depends primarily on the quality of our consciousness, the love we have and give, and also depends on the little acts of work we can do to care for the earth and bring forth the potential beauty of nature. Every little activity we do, with loving consciousness and with sincere care, has a profound effect in the area around us and even throughout the whole planet.

So know how very important you can be. You can be the cause of healing wherever you are, if you are in a state of reverence and love. And this healing has lasting effects. It is recorded in the rocks, the soil and the vegetation around you. You have the potential to be a moving vortex of love, producing waves of healing across the land wherever you go.

In addition, the work we have done with ourselves to wake up, to love, and to serve life can be shared, and it is naturally radiated to the land we walk upon. The transformed energies of our own being, through our conscious service and the attitude we carry, is passed on to whatever we work upon. The transformation of subtle energies within people working or even enjoying themselves are shared with the land. Certain qualities of subtle energy are released into the ground and into the electro-magnetism of the area, by way of our work and enjoyment, recognition and love, whether alone or in groups. It all depends upon the degree of receptivity and activity of consciousness, love and creativity.

So in other words, the quality-energy of our being-presence is naturally shared upon wherever we consciously stand or meditate. Our energies and vibrations are received in the land we stand upon or walk upon, and then recorded and stored there – thus becoming part of what this land then offers to others who come by or who stay. Thus, what we give to the land of love, consciousness, breath and activity, releases certain energies, which will be stored in the land.


We can also give blessings to the land, to houses and work-places, and also to other people, animals, or plants. Blessings are positive energies of goodwill, love, wisdom, happiness, prosperity, and protection. Blessings can give any kind of spiritual or positive energy, which then become grounded into the land or in the dwelling space. Blessings can also invoke spiritual and healing energies, love and light, and special protections. Blessings are also given by our recognition and gratitude of the natural beauty already present. For one of the most important blessings we can give to a place is when we recognize its spiritual presence, special sacredness, and natural beauty.

Blessings can be done by individuals; but a great way to give blessings is with a group ritual. The group uses the power of intention and ritual to bring good-will, love, and positive-good energies to a space, such as a specific area of land, a home, or work place. The group brings its group goodwill and harmony to the place, through this ritual of blessing.

For example, here is a way to do this. The group gathers together with loving intentions to give blessings, or else the intention could be to ask God or spiritual helpers to bring blessings of light and love to the place. The group then walks with lit candles in a relaxed procession clockwise around the area or the home. The fire of candles bring blessings of light and warmth, while also purifying the energies and bringing a protection of peace to the place. The element of water can also be added to this procession, because water is a medium for love and healing energies.

First bless the water with love, then occasionally throw sprinkles of water into the air along the way. On an area of land, the whole land is circled clockwise, as best as possible, and this also sets a protection for the property from any neighboring negative energies. In a home or workplace, go through each of the rooms clockwise. Traditionally, the head male leads the outside procession, while the female head of house leads the home procession. The participants, holding love in their hearts, intentionally radiate their love and peace energies, and positive thoughts throughout the house and all around the property. Also, with the lighted candle as a real symbol, people can visualize light filling the whole space, bringing purifying and beautiful energies into the whole place. Lastly to remember is that these blessings truly last and make a positive difference, especially when the energies are sealed with gratitude and trust.

We can be creators and transformers

We can be the creators of a world that fulfills our true needs, while also fitting in and harmonizing with all of Life; thus fulfilling the Will and Purpose of all Life. This can be done with a sensitivity to the needs and beauty of our natural world as it is, rather than merely trying to always fit nature into our own designs. For rather than trying to fit nature into our human-conceived designs and plans, we need to learn how to design in harmony with natural principles and in the natural flow. Our first concern in geomancy is to learn how to live and work with the natural environment as it is, and to make use of natural design principles and proportions. Only after this is followed and mastered, do we even consider how to transform what is simply given nature into something created from our artistic visionary imagination.

It is possible for human beings to create ley lines, energy vortexes and sacred sites. This may seem arrogant to some; but it is true because of the potential power of our human consciousness. In esoteric physics any space has energy potential within it, so this as-yet manifest potential can be created into anything. Thus, as creative beings we can change and re-create all sorts of things. Yet this also presents us with a significant responsibility.

The world responds to our consciousness, to our recognition and attention. It responds to our intentions, love and will-to-good. It responds to our inner-most questions with answers, and it responds to our actions with effects. Through our consciously directed attention we can move energy, and through our defined agreement we can anchor energy. These laws of consciousness can be applied in geomancy.

Our Electromagnetic Effect

It is possible to transform energy or to move energy in a different direction or into a new concentration. It is possible to transform energies into new forms and into new patterns. It is possible to use our energies to re-build the world around us. It is possible to use our field of energy, our electromagnetism (EM) to resonate a new direction or pattern of forces. We can leave some subtle substance along on our way and magnetize an area in our wake.

We can empower the land, or things or places on the land, with our own power of presence -- of being consciously present. The energy substance of our being can be shared, resonating as our EM field, for service and evolution, for need and harmony. Even our own self-transformation and conscious meditation resonates and refines subtle energies of the land.

Our presence and our EM field of mind/body affects wherever we are moving, resting or doing anything. It is possible to harmonize our being with the EM frequency of the planet. This is done through sacrifice, attunement and breath. Every time we come into a new place, or even a new day, we need to re-adjust ourselves, our EM frequency, to that time and place, to plant ourselves fully there, to settle in to where you are, and to be receptive to the unique quality of energy, if we wish to fully be present and serve the place and moment.

In order to be fully present and able to serve a particular place in time, we need to be fully grounded, psychically and physically balanced, and in harmony with the energies of the land. When we learn to receive, to connect with and ground ourself in the vital energy (Chi or Ki) coming from the ground, we also begin to learn how to balance ourselves better with the powers of the earth, so to move and work with the powers that be, from basic gravity to the more subtle spiritual energies. One needs to develop the Chi and balance within, in order to properly work with the earth body.

We need to connect ourselves with the place at hand or what is under our feet, so to speak. When we can dance with the land, the land will soon be dancing with us. We develop a mutual flow of energy between ourselves and the land. We receive the vitality, beauty and subtle qualities of this place, and we give our enthusiasm, recognition and quality of presence.

Fields of Formative Energies

What we are calling subtle energy has the property of electromagnetism (EM), yet this is on a subtle level, often unmeasurable by physical instruments and unnoticed by average sensitivity. These will have different-unique frequencies of vibration and different wave patterns. Like sound and music, the vibrating waves can be of many varieties and have unique effects, as they combine together, forming complex patterns and subtle EM fields.

These are formative, patterning fields of energy influencing the area, interconnected and relating with the surrounding fields of the planet. There are fields within fields, each place having a semi-autonomous field, though not really separate from the overall fields around it. They have the properties of consciousness and creative patterning. We can speak of the distinct consciousness and creative resonance of a place; yet it is actually part of, and intimately related with larger fields and the greater whole. The same can be said of our human consciousness and creative mind.

We are intimately connected with our surroundings. The environment resonates in us and is resonated by us. The environment resonates and patterns our mind, while being patterned by us simultaneously It is a mutual relationship of reciprocal influence. It is mind resonating mind, and energy resonating energy. This does not mean that the influences are equal in strength or in their effects. The effect of one field upon another depends on the strengths and stabilities involved in the give and take relationship. A patterning effect may only work at a deeper level of causation and not manifest with apparency, at least not immediately; yet there always is at least some influence at a formative, causative level.

Connecting the Web

The Earth is already inter-connected in one energy Web, meaning that there is already an intricate inter-connectivity of earth energies all throughout the planet. But this interconnected Web, at this time, is not as strong as it can be; for there are many weak connections and many blocks in the Flow due to inharmonious human constructions. Thus, part of the great Work of geomancers and earth-energy healers is to help strengthen the interconnected Web that is already, while also dissipating the blockages and building new connections. No matter what is at present, there is always more Work to achieve in this, because the earth-energy Web can be strengthened and connected evermore.

Consider by analogy the brain. At an early stage of development the brain has neural connections, and all of these neural pathways are inter-connected as a whole, in some manner. But this interconnection is still rather weak. There are connections, but not as many as could be. Thus, over time, as we think better and make more mental connections, our brain becomes evermore interconnected, which results in a finer unity and coherence of our whole brain (and our mental understanding as well). This is very similar to the earth-energy Web.

The Earth's Web of energies (physical, emotional, and mental) is interconnected, in some manner and in some degree, but not as good as it could be. So a part of our spiritual-earth Work is to help make more connections, more inter-connections. And we do this with consciousness and presence; then secondarily with visualization.

As we bring our finest consciousness and presence to certain special places, we help energize these places with our consciousness, presence, and recognition of spiritual beauty. What we are doing is building a greater Earth Unity (and also earth-humanity Unity) by our own perception and realization of relationships within the Web.