Natural Intelligence & Order

Perceiving the Intrinsic Order

Human beings have the potential to perceive Harmony and Beauty in the natural world. This is our human capacity for aesthetic perception and experience. We also have the potential to perceive spiritual sacredness in the natural world. These potentials can be developed if we just give some conscious attention to such perceptions, rather than taking nature for granted or just not bothering to even see.

Also perceivable in nature is intrinsic order, commonly generalized as the natural order. This is perceivable but most people have not developed their capacity to see this. Natural intrinsic order is the deeper harmonious structures and patterns within the ordinary perceived natural world - the outer manifestation of nature. This intrinsic structure and pattern of nature is an intricate interrelational Order and Intelligence.

So the natural world has an intrinsic inner structure of harmony and order. But this might not necessarily be outwardly manifested as an explicit order and harmony. The inner structure has order and intelligent harmony, but this may not yet be outwardly manifested. The matrix of unity and harmony is underlying what is now manifested, but has not yet been manifested. Therefore, order and harmony and beauty are not necessarily manifested as yet in all places of the world. But this matrix of potential is nonetheless present within all places.

Intrinsic Order and Pattern

This tangible manifested world is created and sustained by an intrinsic structure of geometric harmonious patterns, forming the intrinsic energy matrix of Earth and all life. This is the Matrix-Mother. It is also called the formative world, because all manifestation is formed from out of it. This is an intrinsic world of pattern, geometry, order and harmony.

These hidden geometrical structures and patterns can be seen in microscopic life, in rock, soil and water. The underlying structure of all form, organic and inorganic, is geometric pattern and proportion. Thus, an intrinsic geometry of pattern is within all things, all land and all of the Earth. Even the electro-magnetic wave-fields, within the natural world and the land, have unique shapes, geometries and proportions. The natural order is intrinsic everywhere.

There is an underlying order within all manifestation, though it is not always explicitly and outwardly manifested. In other words, the underlying natural order and matrix of harmony is the world of possibility, in relation to the world of manifestation. The relative world of manifestation does not always reflect the intrinsic order which sustains it.

Yet it is our work to help bring forth this intrinsic order and harmony into the world, to nurture and help bring into blossom the Earth's potentials, the seeds of beauty, harmony, and natural order.

The meaning of natural order

Here is a proposed truth:

Intelligence and Order is within all of nature

First of all, the idea of natural order, or of divine order in nature, is a generalized concept in relation to what we actually discover in the world. This should first be admitted. Harmony and Order, as found in nature, is true in many cases but not as true in other cases. For example, in most natural river areas we will find fallen trees and dead bushes lying all over in a very chaotic manner, which is not an outward appearance of harmony and order. So in many natural places we find more chaos around than any sense of order. Or even more dramatically, think about a place of natural disaster and the chaos present there. Yet in some areas the appearance of natural order and harmony is quite amazing and impressive, and in these places one feels a sense of natural intelligence at work. So the idea of natural order is certainly a generalization, or simply a general sense we have about nature overall.

Yet in regards to the inner structure of life, the microscopic world of life and elements, we find more consistent patterns of natural order. For some people this shows an intricate intelligence within nature, even perhaps evidence of a divine intelligence or creator; while other people may see this as a miracle of natural accident or as just the way our universe happens to be. Modern natural science explains all life, including the whole development of Earth, as a mechanical trial and error process, without any intelligence directing the process. However, science has trouble explaining intrinsic patterns and the formative intelligence of things.

Intelligence and Order within

So then, what is meant by Intelligence and Order being within all nature? It is this. Fundamentally, at the basis of nature and any part of nature is an intrinsic substructure of Intelligence and Order. Furthermore, this substructure is all interconnected in an overall interrelational matrix, or web. Thus, in the deepest intrinsic foundation of all nature, both physical and biological, is Intelligence and Order.

A theological or metaphysical reason for this is because within all of nature, and all of the Earth, is the Universal Mind, Intelligence, Creative Power and Purpose. This would be the spiritual, cosmic, and also the religious view. It does not contradict natural science, though it does add to the world/life explanation more than modern science would accept, because these metaphysical explanations and also the theories of an implicit natural order are too difficult to prove. The only proof that one can give is by way of one's extra-developed senses of subtle energies, patterns and order, that are found under-laying the more physically evident manifestation.

But the student of geomancy, or any readers, do not need to believe in any energies and theories outside of natural science. In other words, these metaphysical explanations or anything that the reader cannot experience or verify for oneself, is all unnecessary in geomancy, for geomancy does not hold a strict doctrine of beliefs. Sense what you can, and believe according to your senses, your intuition and your reasoning. These ideas are being given just as food for thought, as ideas to consider for developing a larger coherent understanding of nature and Earth.

So, the idea to consider is that there is Intelligence and Order within nature and all parts of nature, which is at the very core structure of nature. In fact, when science looks into the deeper structures of life and also of matter, it finds an under-laying patterns and proportions. The deeper we observe into the core structure of nature, both physical and biological, the more evidence we may find regarding the deeper intrinsic structure of the land and life.

This deeper intrinsic structure, then, is the influential matrix, pattern, geometry, from which the explicit manifesting structures emerge. We are speaking here about a formative Order, structurally inherent in nature. The deeper structural Intelligence and Order within any part of nature then guides, so to speak, its outward manifestation. Though this will be a structural guidance, or influence, rather than a deterministic guidance.

Any natural manifestation will show some quality and degree of its under-laying intrinsic Intelligence and Order, but not necessarily a high-quality of Intelligence and Order. Thus, we cannot always expect a perfect (or high-quality of) intelligence and order in all natural manifestation nor all areas of Earth. It would not be true to say that 'every part of nature is a perfect expression of intelligence and order', nor even a high degree of intelligent order. The proposal here is just that every place of Earth or every part of nature has a potential order, pattern and beauty within its substructure, its intrinsic structure, its inner matrix; and this intrinsic matrix can, at some point, blossom into explicit manifestation, whereby the potentials become actualized and manifested.

Part of our role as stewards of the Earth and land is to nurture and help bring forth the intrinsic potentials of the land, helping to bring into outward manifestation the hidden intrinsic order and beauty in each place on Earth.

The Process of Intelligence & Order

An added understanding of natural order is that intelligence and order is a natural process or activity, rather than a particular design, order or fixed pattern. It is not a particular 'something' to be achieved; instead, it's an activity at work in nature. We wouldn't normally think of intelligence or order as a process. It's usually thought of as a kind of property that something has or is to achieved –like 'now we've reached true order', or 'now we found the perfect natural design'. Instead, intelligence is an active process working in nature. So order is never 'perfectly' found, nor perfectly achieved. Instead, order is a kind of activity or process at work.

Thus, natural order and intelligence is a process-in-work, rather than as a fixed or definite something. Natural order is creatively-in-process of actualization, rather than being like a fixed some-thing. Nature's intelligence is a process at work in nature, rather than a some-thing in nature. Natural Intelligence is a process-activity at work.

Intelligence in nature is an ongoing activity in nature, or a a kind of process-at-work. This means that intelligence is fluidly always learning, rather than being a static know-it-all. This understanding is much more organic than, say, a Great Omniscient Master Intelligence determining everything or of pre-creating the blueprints for all life. For in this concept of Intelligence as a learning process, or process-at-work, the creative evolution and 'what can be' is never deterministic or fixed, but is always a process of new discovery and undetermined unfoldment. Moreover, nature is always learning (and humans too), because the great intelligence of nature is a learning-process. This is what real intelligence is – the capacity and process to always be learning. This is natural intelligent evolution.

Thus, in this process-view, we could observe disharmony or disorder in a particular place; yet still we might see Intelligence-at-work or in-process, or at least maintain a belief in natural Intelligence, because this process concept of Intelligence is not dependent on a perfect harmony in the present manifested natural world. We are looking at Intelligence-at-work, or Intelligence-in-process. We might see the potential of order and harmony, even if not yet outwardly manifested. We might see the matrix of what can be, or what is there to be, but not yet worked enough to be.

As well, the concept of Natural Order can also be understood as an activity or process, rather than as a certain fixed design, design-shape or design-pattern. In this process-view, Order means a process of ordering, or a process towards ever-greater order. This means that order is a work-in-process. It is a process of more intelligent and more beautiful ordering; rather than meaning a fixed order that one is working towards, or a fixed end that nature is in process of achieving.

This distinction of meaning can be difficult to grasp, but it's important. Our culturally conditioned thinking about this subject is that Order is a fixed design that is to be worked for or that nature is evolving towards, like the omega-end perfect order. But instead, think of natural order as a natural activity or process of ordering – as in a process of the land becoming ever-more harmonious in its connections and relations. But there is no absolutely fixed 'Order' that nature is intending to achieve. This means that the Earth is moving towards greater intelligent and harmonious order, if we help in this; but there is no fixed idea or design template that it is moving towards.

The Creative Matrix of Earth

Earth energies can be called etheric energies, in that they form the subtle-energy substructure of physical Earth. These energies are a subtle form of electromagnetism and constitute the Earth's energy matrix, which has a formative influence on life and evolution. The Earth's energy matrix is the intricate pattern of energy centres and energy lines, which is influential and formative. We are all in this interconnected planetary energy matrix, and so we are all affected and influenced by this; which is why we need to gain an understanding and sensitivity to this, and respectfully keep the matrix in good health and in harmony.

There are two kinds of meaning regarding the energy matrix of Earth, so it's helpful to distinguish what these are, though both are related. The simplest meaning of the Earth's energy matrix, in geomancy terms, is the whole interconnected system (or web) of the earth energies; whereby it's all interconnected, interrelated and has its own wholeness. In other words, there is a vast interconnective web of vital-life energy lines and places of special energies. These energies are subtle yet influential, and the energies are interconnected all over the Earth, in what can be called the energy matrix of Earth, or also known as the creative matrix of Mother Earth.

The other meaning of Earth matrix is the earth's underlying intrinsic energy structure. The overall interconnecting energy web-matrix of the Earth is the outward expression of the underlying intrinsic matrix – sometimes described as the Earth's formative 'blueprint' for the land, for life, and for the Earth. However, this matrix does not particularly determine

any details of life and evolution. Rather, the matrix simply determines what is possible in the natural world, and it holds the potentials for what can be. Then, from the parameters and potentials within this matrix, the natural world evolves in a creative, yet undetermined experimental way.

The matrix provides natural patterns and designs to work with and to harmonize with, but it does not determine what actually happens or how things shall be. The matrix provides an intrinsically harmonious energy pattern, which geomancy attempts to cooperate with. Human creativity can either harmonize with the natural matrix or else work against it.

The Earth's creative-formative Matrix patterns the particular qualities, forms and ecological relationships of the land. It also patterns the archetypal psychological qualities of the land, and the particular psychology of places come from this creative matrix. In addition, intelligence, natural order and beauty come out of this creative matrix.

The Divine on Earth

In some beliefs, or in what could be called a spiritual metaphysics, the energy matrix of Earth is essentially a Divine matrix, meaning that the earth energies and natural patterns are essentially divine energies and qualities inherent in the Earth's creative energy matrix, bringing a higher intelligence and beauty into life and into the whole natural world.

In this spiritual-divine view of Earth and life, the Divine creative potentials are intrinsic within nature and within the energy matrix of this planet. But all of the spiritual potentials have not yet been fully actualized and manifested. Each area and each place of the Earth holds Divine potentials, awaiting to be recognized and manifested. Each part of nature has Divine potentials ready to emerge and grow into being. These include potentials for creative diversity, greater beauty, harmony and health.

The purpose of life on Earth is found in life on earth, through our discoveries of life's mysteries, potentials, and beauty. The Divine is always in discovery and also in expression, and it is always evolving and unfolding here on Earth.

We can, if we choose, open up a space for the Divine potentials within nature to emerge, to unfold, and to blossom. And as these potentials come forth, they also seed the whole planet with further divine beauty, harmony, health, and joy. So we can help prepare a receptive natural space for the Divine to unfold and manifest, bringing a new divine birth into existence. But this requires our effort, our intention, and a nurturing allowing attitude. Also, we need to respect nature as it is and allow the living energies of Earth to grow and unfold into their own unique divine expression.

Also to help in this, we can anchor into earth our own divine energies of love and goodwill, through the feelings we bring to the land and through our earth helping work. Our own creativity in life or on the land can also be a Divine expression and nurture the Divine to emerge even more, bringing higher levels of beauty and harmony into manifestation.

This is our divine destiny. Yet this divine destiny is not an exact outcome that we are meant to finally achieve, nor is something predetermined by God. Rather, our divine destiny is a general kind of work, in which we need to care for and be custodians for the Earth, its ecologies and different species, and also respect and work in harmony with the subtle energies and natural patterns of Earth.

In addition, our divine destiny is to unfold our human potentials and to be personally creative, though always in respect of nature and the needs of the Earth. Thus, our divine destiny is also to be divine creators, but not in an arrogant way that disrespects the planet or ignores the overall need for natural harmony. So we must learn how to be creative and self-expressive, yet also be custodians for the natural beauty already present, and not merely impose our own will onto the land and the planet. Foremost, we are children of the Earth and are meant to be protectors and nurturers of life. The future is in our hands, and much depends on the attitude we have in relation to Earth.

The Divine seeks to manifest itself, to become realized and unfold its creative potentials. Divine qualities seek expression and manifestation. The Divine is slowly working out on Earth, which is the meaning of spiritual unfoldment and evolution. This divine unfoldment is happening through natural evolution, but it also can happen through our human creativity and work. Nature is a divine potential in expression, and so are we. Thus, our own human creativity and expression can be the Divine Creativity in expression. We have the power to bring forth Divine potentials into manifestation.

The Divine can emerge into this world through our decision, intention, commitment, willingness and agreement. Then, greater Divine qualities can manifest through us. When we listen to our heart and realize our deeper values, we can also listen to what the Earth needs and what the land needs. Our true spiritual will is from our heart, from the love in our heart. So through our heart we can know what to do. We can know from our heart, from our love and from our caring, what is Divine Will. And anything that harms others or the Earth is certainly not Divine Will. Love, harmony and beauty are the keystones of spiritual geomancy, as well as caring for all the Earth and all who live here.