Geomancy world view

Purposes in Geomancy

Geomancy is a vast subject. It is both a way of perceiving life and a way of living. It is a practical philosophy and a tool for living creatively and harmoniously within this interconnected relationship called life. Geomancy involves a great purpose and a way of living. The purpose of our living is to love and enjoy each other and all of life, to understand the interconnected relationships that define life, and to serve and create a more beautiful and harmonious world for the future. We seek to manifest our deepest and highest ideals, such as truth, love, and beauty. And as part of this, we seek to be in harmony with the natural world and also to help the Earth if we can.

One great purpose of geomancy is to help us understand how to be in this natural world, on Earth, with sensitivity for all parts of nature, including the land itself, and to also sense and understand the subtle earth energies which actually have profound effect on our lives, even if we are usually unaware of them. The energies at and flowing through certain sacred areas will have a profoundly positive effect on us, in physical health, emotional well-being, and in mind awakening. But we need to develop our subtle sensitivity to these sacred energies, and we also need to help protect these areas from greed and abuse. Geomancy can teach us how to live harmoniously with the natural world and its energies. This includes walking harmoniously and with open senses upon the land.

Perhaps we will recognize or realize that much of the land on earth is specially positive and healing; as long as it is not allowed to be privately fenced up, economically exploited, or built upon disrespectfully. Sacred areas are all over. However, there are places where the subtle earth energies have been disrupted or corrupted, so we need to develop a sense of this as well, in order that we might know how to heal these places.

We need to take on an active concern and care for our environment, the physical ecology and the subtle ecology of sacred and psychological energies. Geomancy is a study of all relationships concerning planet earth, and the possibilities and creative work of conscious evolution. We have a responsibility in living here to actively care for our environment. If we can recognize our interconnectiveness with the environment, there is the possibility of understanding this life and being of service to it.

We work in service for the planet, above all respecting the lives, relations and processes that make up the Whole. We respect the rights and dignity of all the kingdoms and the land and elements that we make use of. Every part of our lives are seen to be interconnected with the Whole, every walk we take, everything we make. The whole planet is our body and all that lives are cells within us and the land itself are our bones.

Our work involves love, care, respect and appreciation. We consciously realize our relationship with the Whole and our responsibility within it. We work to maintain the sustainability and beauty of our eco-systems on the planet, and we work to heal the disharmonies, pains and pollutions so often caused by man. We work to establish order and beauty throughout, using the intelligent laws shown by nature.

Geomancy also includes designing and building structures on the land that are harmonious with the surrounding ecology, landscape, and earth energies, and which are also healthy and healing for us. So, our intention is to design and build harmoniously with the sacred-earth energies. We can also attract sacred positive energies into the areas where we live. We can also build artistically, or place artistic objects, in a way that enhances positive psychological qualities in us. Structures built with natural proportion or with positive symbolic meaning, placed correctly with geomancy in mind, will not only improve the quality of the surrounding land, but will also have positive psychological effects -- affecting our health, emotions, and mental-spiritual vision.

Balancing human interests with Nature

Needs of the Earth and the quality of earth energies are of utmost importance in geomancy. This ought to be our primary concern. But human needs and wishes are also important in geomancy, because the human kingdom has its own very special purpose in life, which includes creativity and enjoyment, as well as many other values. Geomancy does not deny the value and importance of human needs and enjoyment. But there must be right balance in this.

There has to be also a serious consideration of what the earth needs or what the land needs, to be balanced with our human needs and wishes. We have to balance human needs with natural earth needs. Because on the one hand, we too are important in this life on earth, and as humans we will not be able to avoid seeking our human enjoyment and fulfillment. Yet on the other hand, we have a responsibility and ethical obligation to also care for the needs of nature or of the natural environment in which we live. So we have to come into a balance - a balance between our human desires and what is needed for the land, the Earth. Both have to be considered.

Our purpose here on Earth is to manifest the highest values possible -- personally, socially, and in the natural environment. We must consider human needs and potentials, but also the environment's needs and potentials. We need an environment that gives to us what we need and is harmonious for our physical, psychological, and social well-being. And in turn, we must give to our environment what it needs.

Our human needs cannot be fully elaborated upon in this book, but we can consider the basics for fulfilling our human potential. The first is survival: food, shelter, health and warmth. We need the substances and means for health and growth. We also need human contact, love and care. We learn how to live through education, communication, and through personal experience and challenges. We need to have some type of work or dynamic meaning in our lives, and also perfect some abilities within ourselves. We need recreation, pleasure, and artistic opportunities. As a group we need to build cooperation, so that we can work together and achieve more than any one person can do by themselves. We need to interact together, to love and be loved, to teach and learn from, to play with and have fun together, and to communicate with and create life together. We need to grow as individual persons, to allow our innate potentials to come forth, to know our true self, and to realize our purpose here in this life.

So in geomancy, we must recognize the real needs of human beings, so that we can design environments accordingly and help steer natural forces in a way that nurtures our needs. We help creativity serve both man and nature. We discover what a man and woman really need for themselves, then work with nature to manifest these human goals. Yet we are not just trying to force nature to fit into our desires. We work with nature and seek to develop a cooperative, friendly relationship between the many aspects of the Whole. So, we help create places, buildings, art and technology for the good of man and woman, making these functionally successful, artistically beautiful, emotionally enjoyable, and of course harmonious with the physical and spiritual needs of the planet.

Thus, geomancy is a study of how to direct the forces of nature and make good use of them. But at the same time, geomancy studies and considers the needs of the natural environment and seeks to fulfill those needs as well. Ultimately we are seeking a win-win solution in this dynamic between human and natural-environmental needs.

Our Environment affects us

In this balancing act, we must realize is that we humans are intimately affected by the energies and quality of the local natural environment around us. In other words, the quality of nature's energy, harmony and beauty, which we stand upon and are surrounded by, has a very real effect on us, physically and psychologically.

Thus, we cannot actualize our human needs to completion without also actualizing the needs of our environment, both social and ecological. Everything is interconnected, and nothing exists without some relationship and environmental influence. Our environment affects us, and we cannot escape from this fact. No one can hide from the surrounding influences. Therefore, in order to best serve ourselves, we need to serve our environment. If we are to fulfill ourself, we must also fulfill the environment which sustains and affects us. There is no way out and no place else to go.

The environment affects us in many ways, but most of these effects are subtle, beyond the average awareness. Yet they have profound influence on all parts of our being and on all aspects of our activities. Though we may not be aware of all these subtle influences on our bodies and psyche, they nonetheless affect us subconsciously. The degree of harmony and order surrounding us, or the lack of it, will be a structuring influence on our life, whether we like it or not. The quality of beauty, or lack of it, in our surroundings have a profound effect on us.

The subtle energies flowing upon this planet actually feed us in a definite way, so their pathways and overall order need to be respected and considered. Every form, shape and design on the land has a certain effect on us, from being delightfully beneficial to being disastrously harmful.

The love we share with others and nature create a lasting, radiating memory from that place, and thus the land will sing with love and make us feel in love. Yet, the opposite is also possible, because any hatred or intentional hurt or callous disrespect will also have a lasting effect and will reverberate back, but in this case with disharmony. So the work we do and the attitude we carry in any area have a profoundly lasting effect and even an effect over the whole planet.

Thus, whatever we do to the natural world has a reverberating, echoing effect back upon us. So if we neglect a respectful consideration for the natural world and earth energies surrounding us and in which we abide, then whatever harm or disruption we create will reverberate back to us. Whatever is done to the natural environment is then also done to us. Because wherever we are, we are unavoidably in some quality of natural environment and subtle energies that will unavoidably affect us, either beneficially or detrimentally. Geomancy, and any geomancy work, is based on this realization.

All action, all movement, all creativity, and in fact, all thought, has interrelated effects extending throughout space and time. The environment is affected, and these effects extend into the future. What we do, and how we relate with our space around us, however small, whether it be our living room or small garden area, has effects throughout the town and landscape we live in. We are each potentially very important to all life and its evolution. We can become ever more intimate and involved with our surroundings and the sacred energies moving through all nature, space and time.

Our psychic relationship with nature

Another aspect of geomancy has to do with the psychological and spiritual dimensions of man and nature. Psychologically, we can come back to our natural sense of being interconnected with the Whole. Spiritually, we can come into a spiritual union with nature. These are psychological and spiritual awakenings, which changes how we live and do things in the physical world. So in geomancy, we also study the psychological and spiritual aspects of ourselves and of life on Earth, and how these interrelate.

The living environment around us reveals parts of our self, as we respect, understand and appreciate it. Our human personal psyche of mind and emotions is all interrelated with the natural world, the natural environment around us. Most people and even social science have not yet understood this. How we understand our own self and even the concepts we use to understand anything are derived from our foundational perceptions of the natural world. The natural world forms the foundational structure for our thoughts and emotions. In addition, our emotional experience of life in general is qualified by energies from the natural world. More simply, how we generally feel is derived from the emotional energies of our environment. Even our physical health is influenced by the natural environment in which we live, though also influenced by the human environment as well. So essentially, the quality and beauty of our natural environment truly matters, because we are affected and influenced by this quality or lack of it.

Whatever qualities, energies and aesthetics are in the environment around us become significant and influential impressions upon our psyche. As children, our mental and emotional being is developed according to the impressions and influences of our environment. Thus, the quality of the natural world around us will become the quality of our mental and emotional experience. We as human beings will start to reflect, in our own mind and emotions, the quality and energies of the natural world we live in. Therefore, we ought to take great care of this environment, to protect its quality and to insure that we are surrounded by harmonious energies and uplifting beauty. We should help maintain and create the most beautiful, healing impressions.

Interconnective understandings

The search for truth is a search for understanding this world we live in and our place within it. Without a working understanding of life, we float lost in a huge sea that eventually swallows us up. We need to develop an understanding of this planet, its livingness and natural laws. We also need an understanding of our fellow human beings, as well as ourself. An understanding of the world around us is the prerequisite of a life in harmony.

In order to love, give to, and serve life, we need to understand it. We need to study life, the living kingdoms, the qualities of energies, and the dimensions or worlds within worlds. All life is interconnected, at least to some degree. Nothing exists solely on its own. Every form of life and flow of energy exists within a complex web of relationships. Everything needs everything else to survive and grow to completion. This interconnectiveness is sometimes visible and apparent, but sometimes it is invisible to our perceptions and scientific measurements.

In order to better live in harmony with our environmental interconnective web, we need to understand everything about it, yet there is a lot to completely learn. But though a total understanding is probably impossible, we can always learn more. Any one person will probably never understand but a fraction of the Whole, but we, as a collective cooperating humanity, can pool our knowledge together and find needed help from each other. The more we study the ecosystems, the subtle and physical energy flows, and the living needs and relations between these, psychologically and physically, the better life will be for us and all the planet.

There are many different forms, energies and qualities within the Whole which need to be understood, described, and related to each other. Each of these have definite ways or individual tendencies in their manifestations, and they each have specific needs or requirements to maintain themselves and grow properly. Each uses something from their environment and transforms this for their need, then gives back something to their environment by way of what they do or what they have transformed.