The term geomancy has a few different but related meanings. It is derived from the Greek meaning of 'geo' (earth, ground, or land) and 'manteia' (divination, prophesy, or prediction). So the term first of all means 'earth divination' – referring to the act of interpreting the meaning of patterns found on the ground or in the landscape, or any 'signs' in nature, in order to help people live more harmoniously and successfully in the natural world. For example, shamans in some cultures will find natural patterns in the land, on rock or on bones, or else randomly throw sticks onto sand, then interpret a meaning or prophesy from those patterns.

But the meaning of geomancy in the teachings presented here is much more general in scope and in practice. Our interest here is the study of subtle earth energies and how to best work with these for an improved harmony of life. Each area of land is alive with energies and qualities, but these earth energies are especially concentrated at power places or natural sacred sites, and these energies flow in ley lines that interconnect all over the planet. The study of earth energies, sacred sites and ley lines, and also how to live harmoniously in relation with the natural world, are broader-based topics within the larger meaning of geomancy.

The meaning of geomancy, in this book, is also similar to Chinese fengshui, in which the earth is believed to have Ki (energy) and flowing currents of Ki across every area of land.

In fengshui the patterns of each landscape are studied and worked with, in order to create an improved harmony on the land and in the lives of those living there. These are fundamentally the same purposes as in western geomancy, except that many of the terms are different. There is no intrinsic contradiction nor disagreement between western 'geomancy' and eastern 'fengshui', yet each system has its special insights and ways of describing the energies. There is no doubt, though, that readers familiar with fengshui will be especially interested in these ideas and practices of western geomancy.

The broader meaning of Geomancy involves earth energies and how this affects the quality of our lives. The full subject of geomancy involves even more, though every topic of geomancy will necessarily be related to earth energies and principles of nature. Topics in this book include power points and ley lines, sacred places and spirits of nature, developing our sensitivities in nature, as well as practical geomancy work, design, and healing of the land. Also included are some less-conventional metaphysical ideas about nature and life.

Also discussed are some spiritual aspects in Geomancy, such as the spiritual purposes in life, spiritual planetary energies, and our own psyche connection with nature. The spiritual aspect is also about how we personally enter into a deep relationship with nature and the natural places around us, which is to do with our heart connection and how we deeply feel in special natural places. This can be related to what is sometimes called deep ecology or spiritual ecology, when our experience in nature is deeply self-affective, rather than just being a scientific understanding of ecological relationships and solutions. This deeper, spiritual relationship with nature is also found in the earthy religious traditions.

In summary, a basic definition of Earth Geomancy is a Way for man and woman to live and work harmoniously with the Earth. We are not just here to live on the Earth; we need to live with the Earth and with all our relations here on Earth. We must realize that we need to live harmoniously with the natural world, rather than merely using it. So the larger aim of geomancy is to be in harmony with the natural environment and all of nature. It is also about what we can do to improve the energy flow on land and help heal the land if needed.

Many people will be skeptical about what is presented in this book. Questioning is good, but also keep an open mind and a willingness to see beyond the limited accepted truths of modern physical science. Be an open-minded experimenter, learning from your personal experience and also from your intuition.

So by what authority is this book true? What famous people or what scientific studies say this is true? People often want to be assured of Truth by science or by some scholar or some religious authority. Rather, let truth be based on your own personal experience and verification. Shamans, seers and spiritual intuitives from ancient times have known, taught and practiced geomancy. In some cultures these ideas were passed down verbally and by direct apprenticeship with a teacher. But find out for yourself. Think for yourself. See what can be experienced. Then accept what makes sense intuitionally and by personal experience. If you're not sure or not ready to believe in some of the ideas here, then just at least be open-minded to having your own personal verification in time. Be evermore aware and with open-senses, in relation with the land and the natural world. This is the only way to learn and acquire real knowledge by experience.