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Cosmic-Spiritual energies

Cosmic-Spiritual connections

These next few sections will present a spiritual metaphysics, using terms such as cosmic and spiritual. The term cosmic acknowledges that earth energies originate from and have a relation with greater energies of the cosmos. The term spiritual acknowledges that these cosmic energies are inherently Divine.

These chapters might be regarded by some geomancy practitioners as either overly speculative or unnecessary. But it is not necessary in geomancy to believe in spiritual or cosmic energies, nor is it essential to believe or accept what is presented here. From a practical sense, it is not necessary to believe in any energies beyond what is here on Earth.

So if the student of geomancy doesn't believe in a cosmic or spiritual connection, it doesn't matter because one can just study and work with earth energies, period. One could accept and work with other parts of this teaching, while simply disregarding this aspect. The geomancy ideas and tools as presented throughout this book can stand on their own, without any spiritual-based metaphysics or acknowledgment of extra-planetary cosmic energies.

So let us now consider how the earth energies might be connected to a larger system of cosmic energies or to universal spiritual energies.

Cosmic-Spiritual energies grounded

First of all, let us remember that the earth is an organized living system of energies and processes. The earth is a storehouse of energies. It accumulates energies from the sun and from other cosmic sources; then it holds onto much of these energies and uses them, thus forming energy patterns and individual lives. The earth, like every form of intelligent life, receives and gathers energies from outside it, (mostly from the sun, but also from other parts of the Cosmos). These include both physical and etheric energies. The earth then transforms and organizes these energies into a self-renewing, perpetuating, evolving system of interrelating energies, patterns, relationships and processes. The energies become organized into an integrally evolving system, which we call nature, or the nature of earth, or the natural intelligence of earth. Nature is the intelligence and organization of this living earth.

In understanding the spiritual/cosmic connection we can use either a spiritual or cosmic explanation, or we could see both as intricately related. Also in what follows here, is a metaphysical belief that our Earth is being seeded, as it were, with cosmic-spiritual energies and energy qualities, which enter into our Earth system through the Earth's power points – which are both energy-receiving and energy-distributing.

Spiritual etheric energies are grounded at certain places on earth. These then become known as sacred energy sites, or spiritual power centres. The spiritual energies enter the physical plane of our planet from a 'spiritual dimension' (the source of these energies), which then help to spiritually evolve humanity and all life on earth.

Another way of understanding these entering energies is that they come from the greater Cosmos. That is, they enter the earth from all parts of the Cosmos. Thus, these are also called cosmic energies, though not the same exact meaning as in astrophysics. These cosmic energies enter from the surrounding sky, as it were, so these are the energies that ancient astrologers believed are influential in the fate of people and groups. A belief in astrology, with all of its many dubious proclamations, is certainly unnecessary in geomancy, but one could intuitively see how various spiritual energies from the Cosmos would be entering the earth, which then help further our evolution.

Now in both kinds of understanding, these higher spiritual energies enter into our minds and hearts and eventually into our actions. But as well, these energies are grounded at certain places on earth and are distributed outward from those energy-centres. This distribution flows from the centre, like streams of water flowing out from a Spring. But this does not happen evenly everywhere, and thus the more intense paths of energy form ley line patterns. The ley lines are the streams of energy flowing from the centres [of grounded spiritual energies]. These lines of energy connect with other lines and with other centres, all of this forming an intricate energy pattern across the planet.

So the spiritual energies, coming from beyond the earth, enter into the earth at certain places – which then become special, sacred, power centres of energy. Next to understand is that there are different qualities of spiritual energies, like different colors of light, and these different qualities have different kinds of effect or influence. Most particularly, each energy-quality has a special unique effect in the human psyche. For example, one quality might bring peace, another compassion, yet another creative inspiration. Fundamentally, there are seven of these qualities, but really many more, if we include the various possible mixtures of the basic seven.

These then become known as character qualities, or possible qualities that a human might experience and express. These are also known as the spiritual qualities, or the divine qualities emanating from the One, of which we can become. Now it is true that any spiritual qualities can enter into us or even unfold from us at any time. All spiritual qualities are potential throughout the universe, and all are potentials from within.

But also, these spiritual qualities are energies grounded at certain places on earth, then distributed out from those grounding centres. Therefore, it is possible to discover at a natural spiritual site particular spiritual qualities or a combined blending of qualities. In other words, each energy at a place, or along a line, has a 'quality', a unique kind of spiritual quality. This can also be understood as the 'emotional quality' of a place, while also these are essentially 'spiritual qualities'. Spiritual qualities are the highest kinds of emotion, as well as the best virtues and powers, which are energies available within us (in our soul) and around us (concentrated more at certain places).

In essence then, all earth energies are spiritual energies which have been grounded at special places on earth, then radiated out and across the land from those energy centres, thus spreading all over the planet and available, potentially, to everyone. At the point that these cosmic-spiritual energies ground at a place, blend with the energies already present, then begin to distribute on the land, we would normally then call these earth energies, but originally they were spiritual energies entering the planet.

To some degree, all of these energies are flowing and blending all over the planet everywhere, but greater magnitudes and certain qualities of these energies are more concentrated at some places more than other places, and they also travel more along 'lines of energy' – which are the more concentrated lines of flow, called ley lines.

To some extent, these spiritual energy-qualities enter into the being of people naturally and unconsciously, and then are held in one's being as quality potentials. As well, these spiritual qualities are within us – within each soul and within the collective psyche of humanity, though mostly they are still unmanifested potentials within. This is because these energies have been embodied and flowing through the land and also through lives for millions of years, and are continuing to come in. But to make use of an earth-spiritual energy in a more significant way, one needs to consciously connect with that energy and consciously assimilate it into one's being.

Cosmic Earth energies

Cosmic-spiritual energies enter upon the planet and are accumulated at places according to the physical and psychic receptivity and the needs of that area. These energies have accumulated and concentrated, over long periods of time, in the actual geological formations and topography of certain places, and people have often felt the specialness or sacredness of these places.

The cosmic-spiritual energies were able to accumulate especially in these particular places because of the unique geology and landscape there. These cosmic energies then influence the actual geological evolution of those places, and they also influence the psychic energies of the place which effects the emergent culture. In other words, the physical features and condition of any place makes possible a receptivity for certain qualities of cosmic and spiritual energy to concentrate there, while the concentration of these energies then influence the particular kind of physical and cultural evolution of that place. Thus, there is an interactional relation between the incoming cosmic energies, the earth energies now present, the physical geology and the cultural evolution which then takes place there.

As the cosmic energies are grounded here on the planet, they in effect blend in with the earth energies already present, and so can now be called earth energies, but their origin is cosmic and their purpose is spiritual. So in reference to the source of these energies, we can call these cosmic energies. But once they are flowing on earth, we then would call them earth energies. Earth energies are, nonetheless, inherently cosmic-spiritual energies and are part of the distribution of spiritual energies throughout the planet. All earth energies have cosmic-spiritual qualities inherent in them, and their planetary distribution has a spiritual function of grounding spiritual energy-qualities into the land, and subsequently into the psychic nature of man and woman.

So to make a simple review, the cosmic-spiritual energies enter upon the earth, to some degree all over, but concentrated more at particular receptive places which then become spiritual energy centres. Cosmic-spiritual energies are able to concentrate at certain points and along certain lines of travel when receptivity is there. Once grounded into Earth, these cosmic energies merge with the existing earth energies, and hence these are then called earth energies. Though the existing earth energies originated as cosmic energies. Also, the incoming cosmic energies have some transformative effects on the existing earth energies, though more slowly over time. The new incoming energies from the great Cosmos contribute to the Earth's evolution.

Cosmic energies enter all over the planet, though more intensely at certain places – at the earth’s power points (or power centres). These power centers receive and accumulate, then distribute outward the cosmic energies along ley lines into the surrounding earth-energy system. So, these cosmic energies are being radiated out from the power centres into the surrounding landscape, but they are most concentrated at the power points and also along the ley lines. The power points and ley lines are places where one can receive these cosmic energies more directly.

Power points vary in size and intensity, and each will emit certain qualities of cosmic energy that are somewhat unique from other qualities. Various qualities of cosmic-spiritual energies enter into the Earth and distribute across the land. Each of these qualities is somewhat unique from the others, though the differences may not be easily distinguished. Each power point radiates a unique mix of energy qualities, though often having a more dominant quality. Thus, each power point and each distributing ley line is somewhat unique as to its mixture of cosmic-spiritual qualities. Each of these energy qualities nurture and develop certain qualities of our psyche – mental, emotional and spiritual qualities.

The particular geological topography at certain places, such as mountains or special rock formations for instance, usually have a powerful receptivity and thus tend to become power points. As well, the particular topological ley of the land will influence the flow of radiating-distributing lines of energies. One can often recognize particular geological landmarks as signs of cosmic influence and receptivity, for there is often a logical relation between actual physical features of the land and the quality of spiritual-earth energies present there.

Mountains tend to collect more of the cosmic energies, and thus become power points and energy distributors for the surrounding areas. Yet the height of a mountain, hill, or land formation is relative to the land surrounding it. Thus, for instance, a not so high hill in a mostly flat area will become the cosmic energy receiver and power centre for that area. So the actual height or tallness of a landform is not as important as its relative significance in its surrounding landscape.

These energies then flow out from the power centre as ley lines, many of which go long distances and form connections with other lines of flow. All of these energy centres and lines of energy flow, within a larger area of land, form an intricate web of cosmic-earth energies, all of which form a whole interconnected energy-web throughout the planet.

Mountains or higher landforms tend to be the most common energy collectors and power points, but other types of geology and land can also be significant energy centres; such as lakes, forest areas, and even certain areas of deserts and tundra. So one should not simply expect just tall features to be the only kinds of power points and energy centres.

Besides the natural energy centres receiving and distributing cosmic-spiritual energies, these energies can also be received, collected and distributed by appropriate human-created structures, which can also activate and enhance the flow of earth energies. In other words, it is possible to create cosmic receiving and distributing energy centres by way of rightly placed created structures. These will not be as powerful or significant as most of the natural energy centres, but human-created structures can, nonetheless, be significant and effective.

Even activities on the land, such as group gatherings, celebrations or rituals, will have significant effects on receiving higher energies and also affect the present earth energies. So, some types of human-created structures and activities can be beneficial for energy flows, but certainly not all structures are beneficial. Our human-creative structures can either help or hinder these higher cosmic energies entering and distributing throughout the planet.

Thus, part of the needed work in geomancy is to protect or to provide receptive places – for receiving and accumulating the cosmic-spiritual energies. This can be helped by purifying special energy places, cleaning up any disorder there, or removing wrongly placed or mundane structures. The human energies of place might also need purified, because the mental thought energies and emotional energies in a place also have a great effect. Also important for receptivity is our recognition and respect for the particular place.